Are you planning to buy your first guitar? Why not consider acoustic guitar? It is easy to learn its complex guitar techniques. Plus, it is considered a baby step to other types of guitars. However, with so many options today, choosing the best is quite confusing, which leads to regret because of the wrong purchase. Fortunately, this post got you covered.

There are varieties of acoustic guitars to choose from – concert, dreadnought, auditorium, jumbo, and mini-travel size are a few to mention. Since there are several options to choose from, making mistakes, like buying the wrong type of guitar, becomes almost mundane. So, when buying an acoustic guitar, you must avoid these three common mistakes when purchasing an acoustic guitar:

Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong type of guitar for your preferred genre

Buying a guitar without having preferences is one of the most common mistakes that most beginners would commit; thinking that all acoustic guitars are similar. On the contrary, they are not.

Again, there are several types of acoustic guitars out there, and each one is used for a specific genre. For instance:

  • Concert acoustic guitar is built with more articulation than dreadnoughts. It is geared for guitar plucking and lead play.
  • Dreadnought acoustic guitar is designed with sheer volume and deep-voicing, which is why the guitar is suited for backing up a full band and busking.
  • The auditorium is a mid-size guitar that gives out great volume, projection, and balance, making it good for solo gigs.
  • Jumbo is large guitars and often played by strumming. The guitar has a great bass response, which is why it is great for country music.
  • Mini-travel size guitars are small guitars and have nearly full scale-length.

So, before buying your first acoustic guitar, you have to determine what type of music you are interested in; this will also help reduce the options.

Mistake #2: Choosing the wrong guitar string

While the size and the type matters when choosing an acoustic guitar, you also need to consider the guitar string to play. Unfortunately, most beginners fall into this mistake; selecting the wrong type of guitar string.

Most beginners would think that nylon strings are much better than steel strings because the former is softer than the latter when it comes to playability. On the contrary, both strings will cause soreness on your fingertips until you have adjusted to playing the guitar.

However, the two strings do not play the same genre of music. The tone of steel strings is ideal for country, bluegrass, rock, and pop. Meanwhile, the nylon strings are ideal for classic, flamenco, and folk music. So, when you choose a guitar, you should always consider the type of music you are interested in playing. On this website, you will find great product reviews about the best acoustic guitars today. You should check it out

Mistake #3: Not reading product reviews

Although it is not crucial as the first two mistakes mentioned earlier, it is one of the notable errors that need to point out – not reading product reviews. There are many acoustic guitars out there but not all can produce quality sound and durability. You should check if the guitar’s playability is high and if the sound production is excellent.

So, if you do not want to waste your money, you should consider reading reliable posts and product reviews to help you choose the perfect acoustic guitar for you.

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