How to increase protein absorption for muscle growth

Proteins that pass the body undigested are used for body growth and other physiological processes. A lot of people have mistakenly consumed large volumes of proteins for maximizing muscle growth. However, the critical thing is not the amount of proteins you consume. The concern is the quantity of proteins that your body can comfortably absorb and digest. One of the essential measures to improve the absorption of protein in your body is appropriate dosing. There is also a lot more information at my green health shop

How to increase proteins absorption for muscle growth

For proteins to be efficiently absorbed, you need to split them in 6 or more hours a day. Think of it when you take 100grams of proteins a day compared to consuming 200 grams divided into several meals a day. The concept is like watering your flower garden. You can decide to water your garden once using 1000 liters a day or 1500 liters twice a day. Wetting your flower bed twice a day will do better compared to once a day. This case applies to proteins absorption. For drastic improvement of muscle growth, you are advised to consume 0.25 grams multiplied to your body weight in every meal.

Taking less or more than this quantity of proteins won’t cause harm. You might tend to consume less or no portion of proteins in some meals. However, it might cause an imbalance in the proportion of proteins you are delivering in your body. For the process to run smoothly, these factors should be considered.

Consider using probiotics supplements

The role of healthy bacteria in bodybuilding nutrition and efficient digestion is not well understood. Role of this healthy bacteria is to help in food breakdown. After food is broken down into smaller nutrients, harmful bacteria’s are destroyed, and the body can quickly absorb food. Probiotics supplements help the body digest food that is challenging for the body to digest. Probiotics aid in improving the rate of digestion of lactose especially in lactose intolerant bodies.

Use proteins foods congruent for your body

You are advised to take a diet rich in proteins. This does not necessarily mean you force yourself to consider the type of proteins you dislike. Some people like red meat while others don’t. There is no need to take food that violently reacts with your digestive system.

Instead, you should supplement this type of food with others that you can comfortably take. For example, those who dislike red milk may consider dairy products such as milk.

Consider adding new types of proteins in your body

This works to everyone. Most of you have a perception that some foods are not comfortably handled in your body when it is not the case. To ensure this works for you, consider introducing proteins you perceive allergic to you in small quantities to your body. You might be going wrong by consuming the proteins in large amounts. The digestive system has different types of enzymes to digest particular types of food. By adding proteins that you don’t like in small amounts, helps your body to develop varieties of enzymes needed to digest them.

Everyone needs proteins to develop strong muscles. The digestive system can cope with all types of food that contain proteins. The secret is how you go about it.