A lively cultural life, ground-breaking architecture, a bustling food scene and amazing attractions are what makes a city great. However for a place to be listed at the top for real excitement, it has to offer something extra that other cities don’t have. Here are some of the cities around the world that you need to visit at some point in your life.


Home to iconic skyscrapers, supreme shopping, lively culture life and extensive food scene, New York most famously known as the Big Apple is no doubt one of the most exciting places in the world. It is the leading centre for some of the world’s most thrilling industries such as entertainment, fashion and technology, where it entices an ambitious, energetic crowd with a strong desire for innovation. Bars here are open until 4am which offer unlimited opportunities for those looking to keep the party going into the wee hours of the night. The food culture has to be seen and sampled to be believed, with restaurants and cafes covering almost every country and cuisine from around the globe.


London offers more than enough sites, activities, shows, events and festivities to inhabit a whole lifetime and is a key world capital. It is probably the most multicultural city in the planet. The British capital highlights iconic landmarks, persistent and bustling street life, historical monuments and museums, market shopping as well as the nightlife. From numerous cozy pubs to world-class clubs, London will surely keep you dancing til dawn.


Barcelona is one of Europe’s most active and youthful cities. It has a world-beating art scene, beach lifestyle and self-indulgent nightlife. It’s large enough to have many things to do and yet adequately dense to be manageable and easily traversable on foot. There plenty of big-ticket sights here like the Picasso Museum and La Sagrada Familia. But if you want to experience the real essence of Barcelona, you have to follow the examples of the locals. Go ahead and spend an afternoon discovering one of the many eclectic neighbourhoods and the relaxed Bohemian vibe. You can also join the elated crowds in the city’s frequent football celebrations.


Rio is famous for its festivals and relaxed beach vibe and is one of South America’s most-loved destinations. The juxtaposition of the coast and mountains offers numerous outdoor thrills, from football to surfing to hang gliding, all guaranteed to keep the adrenaline pumping. It is a good idea to time your visit during the biggest festival in the world, the Rio Carnival, which is held every year before Lent, and bear witness to bright parades, energetic samba dancing, fireworks and larger-than-life characters and strings of endless street parties.


Sydney is Australia’s most well-known city. It is a multi-ethnic city, high-spirited metropolis, with a diverse population, amazing attractions and a laid-back vibe. It is also an outdoor lover’s paradise and home to the world’s most outstanding harbour, the Sydney Harbour, with its beautiful coastline and iconic architecture, together with a host of other natural tourist spots. Adrenaline seekers will find many activities here to occupy their time. Get your thrills surfing the popular beaches, board on a nerve-wrecking boat ride under the Sydney Harbour Bridge or even dive with the sharks at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. Sydney is hard to beat with its booming food scene, vibrant nightlife, and dynamic cultural nightlife.