Useful Tips on How to Choose the Best Smart Door Lock

Installing smart door locks at possible entry and exit points for break-ins and burglary is a good investment. However, with so many options out there, which one should you choose? To find out, you should start here.

A smart door lock is inarguably one of the smartest ways to secure your family and your valuables at home from possible break-ins and burglary. However, with so many options in the market today, choosing the best one can be very confusing. So, to help you choose the right smart door lock for your home, you should continue reading this.

Tip #1: Check your door’s measurement

Since smart door locks are sensitive to alignment, you should check the lock and the door’s compatibility by checking the door’s measurement. Although most of the smart door locks are designed with universal size, some locks do not fit the door’s requirement. So, check and take note of the dimensions carefully for both door and the lock.

Tip #2: Determine if you need to replace or keep your existing deadbolt

Should you replace or keep your existing deadbolt? Fortunately, there are smart locks that can be connected to an existing deadbolt. There are smart door locks that are designed as “retrofit” where you can clamp in over the top of the existing deadbolt. However, you can also choose to use a new deadbolt with a new set of keys.

Tip #3: Choose between wireless and keypad

There are several types of smart door locks out there according to their locking system, where you can choose between a wireless type and or a keypad type. Smart door locks in the keypad locking system are the most common these days, where it requires a passcode to gain access. Meanwhile, wireless door locks are those smart door locks that can be operated through smartphones.

Which one to choose then? Both wireless and keypad smart door locks have advantages. However, if it is about the convenience of locking and unlocking the door remotely, smart door locks are better than wireless ones.

Tip #4: Look for a smart door lock with longer battery life

Most of the smart door locks today are battery-operated. If you are going to install a smart door lock, make sure the battery does not easily run out. Typically, most of the battery-operated smart door locks come with batteries that can last up to a year with an estimated 10 times of use. However, if your door and the lock are improperly aligned, this would cause the device to drain out the battery life – fast and easy. This is one of the reasons why proper alignment of the door and the lock plays essential roles in smart lock security systems.

Tip #5: Read reliable posts and product reviews on the smart door lock

One of the easiest and reliable ways to choose between brands of smart door locks today is to read honest and reliable product reviews about the smart door locks. If one had caught your interest, you should determine if it is worth purchasing through product reviews and or read reliable posts like this. You could start reading a few of them right now at Key Lock Guide’s website.