Top Things a Man Should Have in His Wallet

Admit it or not, if you are a man; since you do not carry a bag most of the time, your wallet is almost always full, usually, your pockets, too. You cannot carry a purse either unless you want your colleagues and friends to be laughing at you and talking about it for the rest of your life. Thick wallets just do not look good if you are wearing a suit or tight pants or even if you tuck in your shirt. It just destroys your overall look – and looks are important when going out. You might think that it would make you look like you have loads of money. No, it would just make you look out-dated since not many carry that many cash with them.

There must be some things in your wallet that you can live without for a day. Let us look at the things that you should have in your wallet.


It is but sensible to carry any form of identification with you. First and foremost, you always need your driver’s license. It is one thing you should have in your wallet. And of course, your company ID or your student’s ID if you are still in school. Leave the others like club ID or a membership card in a restaurant, unless of course, you would need those for the day.

Credit Cards

A maximum of two would be enough. Men do not usually go on a shopping spree like women do and they do not need loads of cards with them. Maybe a debit card and a credit card would do. This is also a great way to save money since you would be thinking of doing some random equipment hauling for the day. In cases when you have to have all your cards with you, you better get the best credit card holder wallet that can neatly carry all those cards.


Although you would not be leaving the house without any credit card, a man still has to have cash. Not all establishments can be paid through credits. There are still a lot of vending machines scattered that do not accept credit cards. Also, it would be nice to have some change to tip the waiter of your favorite restaurant or the taxi driver.

Commonly-Used Discount Cards

Gas station discount cards, discount cards at a restaurant you eat in almost every day, discount cards at a local supermarket you always drop by at before you get to your home. These are the only ones you need to bring with you. You would not need to bring all those coupons that would be staying in your wallet until they expire.

Business Cards

Even if you do not own a business, having a simple business card that has your contact information would be handy. But, maybe carry only two or three with you since you would not be going out to distribute your personal information anyway. Just in case you would meet someone that would need to contact you in the future. It would be too awkward to ask for his phone to store your contact information especially if he or she is of higher status.

What to Look for When Buying a Laptop Bag

It’s becoming more and more obvious that the future of employment in the corporate world will have to require constant use of laptops and mobile phones. It’s not just the working class who are going to be tied to their portable computers, but also students. In fact, gone are the days where university students have to endure a hefty backpack full of books. Instead, the thick pages of their textbooks and notes are replaced by digital copies and conveniently jotted down highlights of lectures. For this reason, laptops are sure to be a standard commodity that practically everyone has to own.

Consequently, everyone has to have a laptop bag to make sure that they are able to take advantage of the very reason why laptops are bought instead of computers: portability.

Choosing a laptop bag is easy. That is, f a laptop owner doesn’t mind buying a bag that’s appropriate for their unit or their fashion statement. Buying a laptop bag is like a combination of buying clothing and wallets. It’s a bit complicated when all things that can make it a good purchase is considered. Here are key things to take note of when choosing one:

  1. Size

Laptops come in different sizes. There was a time where screen sizes stuck to standard increments. Now there are plenty of in-betweens. This is why indicated laptop sizes that a certain bag is able to accommodate is no longer that reliable. However, it’s better to err on the side of overestimation. Laptops with 13.3″ screens, for example, can go for a generous 14 to 15″ depending on the bezels of their unit. It’s also recommended to get a bag with a compartment for laptops that have velcro straps to secure the system in place.

  1. Style

Choosing a laptop bag generally means, for most people, buying a messenger bag. This is perfectly understandable because messenger bags have become the go-to option for most laptop users. The look of messenger bags simply evokes a sense of belonging in the contemporary era. Whether if it’s just a trend or not is beside the point. If a rolling backpack is a better option for an individual, then it’s usually better to buy that one instead. Practical use of the bag is a priority over being plain trendy. Besides, backpacks and tote bags are legitimate form factors for fashionable laptop bags.

  1. Features

One of the most useful features of modern laptop bags is the addition of wheels. It may seem ironic, but as laptops become lighter, people are cramming more items in their bags. Manufacturers will shrink a laptop’s height and compromise battery capacity, consequently forcing users to buy a bulky power bank in its place. To accommodate the many things put inside a bag, creatively designed compartments has to be present. Also, with the heft of these items, a laptop owner will be thankful for buying a bag that has wheels installed. They don’t have to be large and obnoxious set of wheels. Check out reviews of the best rolling laptop bags to get a better idea.