Professional Lipstick Application in Seven Steps

Most people believe that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lipstick application. Simply take out a lipstick tube, twist it, run over the lips and you are done. However, when one becomes trained in the craft of makeup, it will be impossible not to see the application of lipstick as an art. Getting professionally made up lips is easy. Aside from using the best makeup mirrors similar to the ones professionals use, all you need to do is to follow the simple tips listed below.


Apply Lip Primer


Aside from scrubbing and fluids, lip moisturizers like lip balm and lip primers are ideal to maintain healthy lips. Lip primers also aid in making the color last all day with minor retouching needed.


Assess Your Lips


This is a step that most women do not know about or forget about. Lip assessment is needed to determine the proper lipstick application technique to be used. If you have a small and narrow lip, it is recommended to apply lip liner pencil to the outside edge of the pigmented area. On the other hand, for women with large lips apply the lip liner pencil in the inner edge of the pigmented area. For women who have lips that are not symmetrical, the same lip liner pencil can be used to create a balance between the two sides of the lips.


Choose the Right Lip Liner Color


When out lip liner shopping, keep in mind that the best shade is one that is the closest to your natural lip color. The lip liner also serves as a founder for the lipstick, so aside from lining the lips, it is also used to fill in the lips. This creates a long lasting lipstick wear.


Choose the Right Lipstick Color


There are different shades that complement a person. A certain shade can look great for one person, while it may not look so good for another. It will help to determine if one has a cool or warm skin tone. The easiest step to do this is by checking the color of the veins near the wrist. Blue colored veins signify cool skin tone while green colored veins mean warm skin tone.


Aside from the vein test, there are two other methods. The jewelry method is by checking whether silver or gold looks good on your skin tone. Since individuals with a warm skin tone usually have yellow undertones they look good wearing gold jewelry. On the other hand, individuals with cool skin tone look great with silver jewelry.


The last method is the white blazer test. If you look good with an off white blazer, you have a warm skin tone. However, if a stark white blazer complements your skin tone you are having a cool skin tone.


Individuals with cool skin tone usually look great in brighter colored lips while ones with warm skin tone go well with darker colored lips. However, finding the right shade is a trial and error process since not every shade looks good on cool skin toned individuals as well as warm skin toned individuals.


Final Touches


Using a tissue paper, blot the lips and brush some powder to set the color. Afterwards, add another coat. This will help keep the lipstick stay on longer.


Try these seven tips and you’ll be sporting professionally made lips from now on.

Preparing a Winter Survival Checklist

Winter brings with it cold weather intensified by chilly winds, snow, and below zero temperature. If you live in a place where snowfall becomes extreme, there’s a likelihood that you’d get snowed in and won’t be able to go to work, much less buy groceries. Hence, it’s important to prepare a winter survival checklist to ensure you have yourself and your family covered in case you all have to spend a few days cooped up inside your home during a severe snowstorm.


The most important item in your survival checklist for winter is potable water. Although drinking water is not a problem during winter, there is a big chance there won’t be sufficient potable water. So make sure you stock up on it. Always remember to conserve water and only use the stored bottled water when needed. When buying bottled water, make a headcount to include everyone in your household. The more household members you have, the more bottled water is required.

Back-up Power Supply

Severe snowstorms could damage power lines, thereby causing power outages. It’s important to have a backup power supply so you and your family wouldn’t have to live through the storm in darkness and no heating available. A portable generator that could power up your home for 12-20 hours (depending on usage, of course) would be enough. If you don’t have a generator, check out for the best generator you could purchase.

Enough Food

You never know how much snowfall you’ll experience during winter. As mentioned earlier, you could get snowed in, which is why you need to store enough food in the house. That way, even if you have a hard time getting out of the house, you and your family won’t starve. Buy food that doesn’t easily spoil or go to waste. You also need to check the expiration date, to ensure the food is still safe to eat. Consider buying food that is healthy and delicious such as lean meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Buy extra canned goods, too, especially the “no cook” variety.

Hot Water

The body needs to compensate from the cold that is brought by winter. Hence, make sure to install heating for your water system. If you already have one, check to see if it’s running fine or you need to call someone in to repair it.

Change of Wardrobe

It’s time to hide those skinny jeans, flip flops, plain tees, or your sexy skirts. Bring out your thick clothing like boots, socks, and other essentials that will keep you warm. If you have a limited budget, you do not have to buy new winter clothing, you old winter clothing would suffice.

Emergency Survival Kit

Winter survival kit must be prepared ahead of time and inside the survival kit, one must ensure the first aid kit, portable shovel, toiletries, flare, flashlight, extra batteries, cell phone, ropes, and other vital things needed are in it.

It doesn’t matter if the winter would be just like any other ordinary snowy day or if it will bring with it severe snowstorms. The key to surviving winter is to be prepared at all times and make sure that you will not miss anything by following the winter survival checklist.

Choosing the Right Robotic Pool Cleaners

Having a clean swimming pool can ensure that the people who will be swimming are safe from harmful microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, and parasites. It is also a good way to make the structure and the area look more beautiful and inviting. The process of cleaning the swimming pool may be difficult for some because of the fact that they need to scrub the floors and walls, clean the filters, skimmers, and the other parts of the swimming pool wherein dirt and debris can be trapped. The good thing is that there are actually products that can make the cleaning of swimming pools easier, faster, and less tedious. One that has been very popular for years is the robotic swimming pool cleaner.


Robotic swimming pool cleaners are modern versions of automatic pool cleaners. They are operated using electricity and computer systems. They are very helpful because they can work on their own as long as the owner already switched the power on. The difficult part is that there are already a lot of robotic pool cleaner brands that are available in the market. Many people become confused because they do not know what to look for when they are shopping for one. People who will be buying such product should consider looking into the cable of the product. In the past, all robotic pool cleaners’ cords get tangled when they are being used. Nowadays, there are already brands that are designed with gyro systems for their cords to be tangle-free when being used. Such, of course, will be a better choice not just for convenience but also for safety.


The navigation process of the product is also something that people should consider when buying a robotic pool cleaner. Most cleaners move throughout the pool in a random manner. Meaning, they do not follow any direction. Others, however, have a special microprocessor system that allows the product to clean the pool in a systematic manner. Although such may be more expensive, the cleaning process is more efficient and reliable. It is also able to clean the swimming pool in a faster manner. In relation to such, people should also check the product’s cleaning cycle. It is the time it takes for the product to clean the whole swimming pool. As can be denoted, products that have shorter cleaning cycle time are more energy-efficient. They are also more effective in cleaning the swimming pool since they only need a little time. Thus, people who have lots of swimming pools will also greatly benefit from cleaners that have short cleaning cycle times.


According to, it is also highly recommended that buyers look into the filter bag or basket features of the product. The number one thing that they should check is the pore size of the filter. Such is usually measured in microns. Products that have filters with small holes will be better than those that have larger ones. Such is due to the fact that those that have smaller pores will be able to filter even the tiniest dirt that can be found in the swimming pool.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Jacket for Warm Weather Condition

Right now is a good time to have a road trip on the best motorcycle bike trails in the US. The weather is fine and it is expected that this condition will last until the fall begins. At this moment, you will see the magnificent beauty of these popular routes within the country like the Beartooth Pass, U.S. Highway 101, Blue Ridge Parkway and Cabot Trail. Do not miss this opportunity to explore the country through an adventurous ride before the fall comes! Now, the problem in riding during the summer season is its hot temperature. According to weather forecasts, the temperature all around the US will range from 15 degrees Celsius to a scorching 40 degrees Celsius particularly in Florida, Arizona, Texas and other states are known for their hot weather. Taking out your motorcycle for a ride in this kind of weather will make your skin burn. Moreover, it is very much uncomfortable to ride when you are sweating profusely. Then, how can you enjoy your summer with this hobby? Professional bikers say, know how to choose the right jacket for warm temperatures. Each motorcycle jackets have unique features. Every single of them has varying characteristics to allow a biker to enjoy his ride and remain protected from external elements. Therefore, by choosing the appropriate motorcycle jacket, you can ride to various motorcycle bike trails in the country to your heart’s content. So, what are the perfect motorcycle jackets for hot weather temperatures?

  1. Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket features a cooling system to avoid too much heat when riding. The gear has a cooling mesh shell covering the arms, torso, and back. Furthermore, the material of the jacket is lightweight tow ear. It also has an adjustable system for a sure fit.

  1. BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket features an ultra-flow mesh body material for cooling effects. Aside from this, the material of this gear is durable to offer protection to the wearer. In addition, it has reflective piping detail and removable memory foam paddings to lessen crash impacts.

  1. Pilot Motosport Men’s Slate Air Jacket

Indeed, the Pilot Motosport Slate Air Jacket is a cool one to have. This jacket is made up of 210D micro mesh for breathable effects and avoids body overheating. The Pilot Motosport has 600D NPF panels at the shoulders and elbows for maximum durability.

  1. Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Riding Jacket

If you want to keep ventilated in the duration of your ride, get one of this jacket. The Joe Rocket riding jacket has waterproof zippers with variable flow ventilation as well as a wind tunnel cooling system to help your body adjust to warm temperatures.

  1. Milano Sports Gamma Motorcycle Jacket

Be a stylish biker without fainting from the sun’s heat by wearing Milano Sports motorcycle jacket. This product from Milano is a waterproof gear with zippered vents on the chest and back. Thus, this jacket is a good investment since you can ride whether it is sunny or raining. Read reviews and learn more on the homepage of Top Motorcycle Jackets for additional details regarding these gears.


Mattress Topper: Your Instant Solution to a Firm Mattress Issue

After a long day of work, you look forward to a comfortable rest. However, this can only be possible if you have the luxury of enjoying a soft mattress. However, you may not have the budget to buy one. The lack of budget does not mean that you will have to settle to the discomfort brought by a hard mattress. You can always innovate things and still enjoy a comfortable sleep with the use of mattress toppers. They are not as costly as the mattress itself but can offer you the comfort that you are looking for.

Below are your different choices of mattresses:

  1. Memory Foam

This feels comfortable to use since it can absorb various parts of your body and provide full support at the same time. This contours to your body and feels very soft too. It has a minimum thickness of 4 inches, so not bad for a mattress topper.

  1. Feather

The feather type is still softer than a memory foam its breathable design makes it ideal for use regardless if its summer or winter. During summer, it keeps you dry and cool. During winter, I t keeps your body warm. The downside of this type is the fact that it flattens easily. Hence, you will need to shake it from time to time to redistribute its feather materials. Other flaws are the sharp quills that can poke through when using this fixture.

  1. Latex

Latex has the ability to conform to your body’s weight and shape. It comes in 2 types: natural and synthetic. It is odor free and has the ability to resist bacteria, mold and dust mites.

  1. Wool

Though this one may be soft, it doesn’t offer adequate support. But since it is breathable, it has the ability to regulate your body temperature when in use. This is made from alpaca fur, lamb, polyester fibers and mixed cotton. It is also resistant to bacteria and mold.

  1. Fiber

It is filled with down alternative or polyester fiber. It softens the mattresses effectively as well. However, this type needs to be fluffed regularly. And its odorless feature adds up to its quality.

In buying, you need to remember important principles in buying mattress toppers too. First, you need to invest on its cost. Although this may mean spending more from your own pocket, its top quality will also justify all your monetary investment. Cheap mattress toppers may be very affordable but this means buying a new one from time to time since this easily breaks too.

However, if you have the budget and you want to buy a new mattress replacement instead of just a topper, check out Hamuq mattress. Before buying, read Hamuq mattress review to know more about it. If you want to buy a bed frame too then make sure that it is larger than the mattress that you will buy. Again, you don’t really need to buy a mattress base if you still can’t afford to buy one. After all, these fixtures can last for a very long time of use.