A kitchen is incomplete without a cook top. It is an essential appliance in the home used to cook food. There a many cook tops in the market with different types, features, and price range, depending on one’s budget and preference. Sometimes, having the right cook top makes all the difference in the kitchen. The right cook top is efficient and makes the kitchen environment a lot safer. These are just some of the things an induction cook top is good at. Read everything you need to know here :

What is an Induction Cook Top?

Before going into what an induction cook top is, it is best to discuss first the more popular types of cook tops. First and the most commonly used by many people, are gas stoves. Gas stoves use gasses such as liquefied petroleum that turns into a flame after reacting with the stove igniter. The next type is the electric stove. Unlike the gas stove, an electric stove has a coil on its’ top that turns red hot on which the cookware sits to cook food. It uses electricity to function.

An induction cook top is different from the two stoves mentioned in the way that it heats to cook food. The first two use flames and highly heated coils to cook, but an induction cooktop uses induction technology. Beneath the cook top are coils that generate a magnetic field when an alternating electric current flows through them. This reacts to the cookware itself, heating it up until it is ready to cook. For this to work, the cookware must be compatible with the induction cook top.

Why it is Great for the Kitchen

Fast Cooking

Induction cook tops are definitely faster in cooking compared to electric and gas stoves. The secret to this is the transfer of heat. Induction cook tops generate heat in the pan itself, while gas and electric stoves have to go through a middle man to heat the cookware then the food. Induction cook tops save about half the average cooking time of other cook tops.

Accurate Heating

One issue with gas and electric cook tops is that a lot of heat is released around where it is not needed. Some of the heat goes into the stove, and some of it makes people sweaty while cooking, and nobody want’s sweat on their food, unless it’s part of the ingredients. With induction heating, only the pan heats up, making it very energy efficient and accurate.

Safe and Reliable

Gas stoves may cause fires and explosions when not taken care well and electric stoves can burn the skin when not careful. Another reason why induction cook tops are great for the kitchen is they are really safe to use. Most induction cook tops have many safety features such as automatic shut down when a pan is not detected and a child lock that only turns the power on after holding the button for a few seconds.


Induction cooktops look good and comes with different designs to match the kitchen interior. It is the perfect addition to the kitchen.

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