When you need to get a perfect trolling motor, have some ideas about certain aspects before you purchase a motor for your kayak. You simply cannot go blindly in the market and get any stuff of motors. When you have a good guide you will land on something perfect. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying the accessories that would work for your boat.

What things do you need to look at?

The location to mount

The mounting position classifies the trolling motor in two. These are bow or the transom of the boat depending on the place you will put it. Luckily, you can operate the kayaks while sited and does not need a transom mount for it fits perfectly.

It is difficult for a beginner to steer them but with a little patient you just need to adjust. For the large to medium boats, a bow mount is preferred for the trolling motors. They have features of high tech like an auto pilot and wireless control thus making their price to be much higher.

The size of the kayak

You need to study your kayak very well to know the amount of thrust required and the power of battery in the trolling motor. To adhere to the different requirements, the motor come in three ratings 12, 24 and 36V. Kayaks that are smaller than sixteen feet would need a 12V power source. The nineteen feet kayaks need a minimum of 36V.

Capacity in loading

The thrust needed in amount will determine the capacity loading of the boat.  A minimum of thirty pounds of thrust would require a capacity of over 1500 pounds. A big boat will need an 80 pounds minimum thrust.

If you are planning to ferry passengers, you will need an 80 pound thrust which should also be the minimum capacity. The trolling motor usually has a handbook with the thrust details. You need to know all the information of your kayak like its weight, capacity of loading and the size.

The space for your battery

This depends on the type of boat that you are using. The trolling motor comes in 12, 24 and 36 volts. You cannot use higher volts for a small boat this will not work out well. Depending on the space you have, make a right choice on the number of batteries that your kayak needs to use.

The type of water

The water to use during fishing matters a lot for you to keep your kayak in good condition. Salty water provides a rigorous environment for your fishing. Accessories corrode if they are not lubricated or do not have a coating of anti-rusting material. You must have an idea of the specific water so that you can buy tools designed for that type of water.


You need to need to get a motor that simplifies things for you without straining a lot. You need to consider the aspects above and do an online research for more information. You deserve a good trolling motor that will help you but not disappoint you.

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