This coming holiday season, many people tend to break out of their normal healthy diet and daily workout routine because of the different events that they have been invited in and the countless of irresistible foods that are served during these events. The feast that every household puts on the table is the center of events like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebration. If you are worried about staying fit this holiday season, here are some ways for you to be able to do so.

  1. Don’t forget to run or walk if you find the time.

Since you would be having a lot of days off, you would have more time to do go out and enjoy your free time by walking or jogging. If you are traveling, the best way to see the sights is by foot. You can even persuade your friends who are with you to enjoy strolling together.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast.

Some people might think of eating just a little for breakfast, or even not eating at all, just so they would be able to enjoy all the food that is served at the feast. However, that is a bad idea if you want to stay fit even during these festive days. It is better to eat your normal breakfast, or even more, so you won’t be tempted to eat a lot when all the calorie-filled foods are in front of you.

  1. Eat slowly.

It takes about twenty minutes before your body would tell you that you are already full. Eating slowly would allow your system to digest the food and signal your brain that you don’t need to fill up your plate anymore. Chew your food well and do not just stuff your face with all the food that you see. Also, if you want to taste all the different kinds of food, you can take a small amount of each. You do not have to fill your plate with one dish just to be able to enjoy the taste.

  1. Help with the chores.

There would be a lot of house chores to do before and after the event. Preparing the living room or the reception area and cleaning up afterward, would be a good way to ready your body for the calories that you are about to intake during the feast and getting rid of the extra ones when you eat a lot.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Your appetite would be triggered more if you are tired or sleepy. You have to prepare your body for the upcoming night events by sleeping well before the holidays. Try to catch some ZZZs if you have time. It would also be a good idea to get some sleep a few hours before a party.

  1. Eat only the food that you don’t get to eat during the normal days.

Chips, fried chicken and other kinds of food that are sometimes served during these events are available any time of the year. You can skip them and only choose to eat the special dishes that are not often served on a daily basis.
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