Rodent infestation be it rats, mice, squirrels, or their combination is very distressing. In addition to the fact that they pose a health challenge to families, fighting them back isn’t easy if not properly guided. Professional fumigators have become very expensive and the traditional methods of eliminating them inefficient, but with the introduction of electronic rat traps, all is not lost. In case you didn’t know, the electronic rat trap is what you need because of their effectiveness. I know that the market offers varieties of brands and types, but in this article, I am highlighting three of the top options which I have carefully selected after thorough research. You don’t have to be confused in your selection, just consider one of the three and you will not be disappointed.

1. Raticator S-Plus Electronic Rat Trap. This is a plastic rectangular trap having an opening at one end. A bait is placed at the other end to attract the rat and is killed as soon as it enters. It has top-mounted LED lights which flashes when the rat has been killed to signal you to empty it.

This product is popular with a long battery live which lasts up to five months. In addition, it uses humane extermination method and catches rodents with the first use.

It’s associated with two cons, its sensors may be faulty and it demands regular cleansing.

2. Aspectek electronic rat trap. This is one of the simplest traps designed to catch and kill rodents. It has a powerful 7000-volt electric shock which kills them as soon as they enter the trap. It operates on an exclusive and patented technology which is lethal to rodents but safe to pets and children.

This product has the following advantages, it doesn’t make any noise while in operation, easy to clean, and No-touch disposal. Also, the indicator lights shut off for stealth.

However, people associate poorly written instructions with this product and don’t like the fact that it has to be cleaned whenever a moist bait is used.

3. WEIJI Electronic Rat Trap. With the help of the 8000V electric shock, rodents are electrocuted as soon as they enter the trap to seek the bait. You don’t need special tools or glove to operate this product, all you will do is set it up and wait for indicator lights to signal you to go empty it.

You will like the fact that it’s very effective in luring pets, frequently catches pests, and has no-touch disposal.

It, however, produces a burnt odor when vermin is caught and comes with poorly written instructions.


There are several other types, FOSSA Electronic Mouse and Rat Trap and Kat Sense Mouse Trap being among them, but the top three highlighted will give you exceptional results. Based on your need and preference, one of the top three as listed will meet your requirements. Rodent menace can be a thing of the past if you heed my advice to yourself an electronic rat trap of your choice.

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