As much as camping is always known as a fun idea, it is more than fun. There is so much more benefit in aping than you could ever imagine. If you and your family spend time indoors on iPads, then you will want to read this post, because really, you are missing a lot.  Apart from being a fantastic idea, here are other benefits of camping:

1. Camping solves problems

When camping you can face a number of challenges that the very helpful Professor Google don’t have answers to. These challenges are unique to camping and you don’t face them in the day to day life. how you set up your tent, how you survive when you didn’t carry something that you need to use.

Additionally, camping experience introduces you to great new experiences. This new challenges and experiences make a healthier brain when you think on yourself and come up with working solutions.

2. it is a learning experience for kids

Spending the night under the stars has many benefits to children. This is more important in this era where children like experiencing life in iPad rather than the real world.

Camping introduces children to the real world that has different experiences, adventure and lessons. With such, they learn new things and new ways of tackling issues in life, a great learning experience.

3. Camping promotes a good sleep.

A 2013 research of University of Colorado Boulder found out that camping helps people who have trouble getting sleep to sleep well and those who find trouble waking up in the morning to wake up in time, happy and strong. This is due to the enough artificial lighting that comes with camping. It is easier to deal with family members who are happy and healthy rather than dealing with someone who is tired and grumpy, don’t you think?

4. Camping ensures enough vitamin D intake

During camping, you will spend quality time in the sun catching the golden rays that are a source of vitamin D which has many benefits to your health. Vitamin D is good for the bones and prevents diseases like rickets which cause bow legs.

Exposure to the sun also has mental benefits as it boosts your moods. The exposure to the sun should however be minimal and adequate protection from the sunrays should be ensured to minimize the risk to cancer.

  1. Camping is a way of exercise

If you spend your days in the office or staying at home with the kids then definitely your chances of getting adequate exercise are very minimal. To solve this is an enjoyable way you should consider camping. Wandering through the woods or in the national parks or climbing mountain is a great way to keep your muscles relaxed and your body fit. When you exercise, you keep a fit body and a healthy mental health and you stay away from body pains, aches, and a number of diseases. To be safe, simply dodge from the daily routine and go to the magical outdoors.


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