The Charismatic Appeal of Vintage Motorcycles

A vintage motorcycle is something many motorcycle enthusiasts would love to have. Aside from the classy look it has, it has a certain aura that makes many people’s heads turn as it drives by. However, vintage motorcycles are not that easy to find. Truth be told, aside from the fact that they are no longer produced by manufacturers, they also are pretty pricey. For instance, in an article released two years ago, it was noted that a 1903 Harley-Davidson Single at number one condition was valued at $15 million! It also reported that the most expensive vintage motorcycle ever sold at auction for $1.62 million is a “Captain America” Harley-Davidson Panhead. Indeed, the price of vintage motorcycles is no joke.


You need to condition your mind (and pocket) that buying a vintage motorcycle that is fully restored can cost you an arm and a leg. Nevertheless, there is a more affordable way of owning one; all it needs is a little resourcefulness and a lot of patience.


The first thing to look for is a salvaged vintage motorcycle unit. This is where resourcefulness comes in since salvage units are not that easy to come by. You don’t simply walk around the neighborhood and find salvageable bits of vintage motorcycles. You have to find one. Where?


Well, salvage motorcycles can be found in auctions or from motorcycle enthusiasts who no longer want to continue their vintage motorcycle project. There are also motorcycle enthusiasts who have more motorcycles than they can handle and those who discovered how lucrative selling salvageable parts of vintage motorcycles can be. Obviously, the Internet is also a good source to get leads on auctions and probable suppliers.


It would be ideal to start your project with a salvaged unit if you’re trying to save some money. The key is finding one that can be easily restored. Auctions sell many units that have been labeled as total wrecks, although these units have attained a certain amount of damage; there are times when some auctions items have attained minimal damage only. There are many instances when people are able to purchase “total wreck” units that have attained just a few bumps and scratches. This is the type of unit that you want to purchase.


Anyway, you’d be working on the salvaged parts/unit to restore it to something charismatic once again. Your hard work would definitely pay off once you see people admiring your restored vintage motorcycle with a revamped engine. In addition, to ensure that it runs smoothly, invest in a good battery. A good motorcycle battery is just the thing you need especially if you plan on joining a vintage motorcycle club that goes on countless road trips every year. Check out for comprehensive reviews of the best motorcycle batteries you could get your hands on.


So go and try your luck in auctions by getting information on the next auction in your area, information of which is readily available on the internet. This can be your first step to owning vintage motorcycles.


Vintage motorcycles are indeed one of the classiest vehicles on the market today. Despite it being impractical when it comes to gas consumption and upkeep, this type of motorcycle is still something that many enthusiasts would love to have because of the certain aura it possesses. Vintage motorcycles are a great addition to anyone’s motorcycle collection.