A Guide for Single Dads: How to Take Care of Your Baby After Birth

Mothers are wired to nurture babies as they grow older. It is a part of their instinct of being a woman and a mother. However, there are a few mothers who leave their baby alone after giving birth. Either they are afraid of their new role or they are experiencing a personal problem. But still, it all comes down to dads taking care of their infant. Single dads who dedicate their time nurturing their babies are rare.


On the other hand, dads receive less recognition and there are only a small number of articles telling their story, which indeed is sad to know. Thus, for single dads facing this new role in their life, here is a simple guide that can help you achieve your responsibility like a true hero.


The Issue of Breast Feeding


As a male human being, you don’t have to ability to produce milk. This is one of the biggest challenges for single dads like you in taking care of babies. Milk is the only food allowed for infants to consume and since you could not produce milk for your baby, ask a doctor for another option. If you know another new mom in your family or in your circle of friends you can ask her for her milk. After a few weeks, consult again your doctor for a formula that is suitable for your baby.


Sleepless Nights


Along with having a baby is suffering from rows of sleepless nights. It is a general experience for parents, but new moms and dads have a hard time dealing with it. How much more if you are a single parent? Lack of sleep will make you cranky and once you are irritant, your baby can feel it and this will ruin his or her mood resulting in a fit of crying and wailing. Therefore, make sure that you get to sleep enough to avoid this from happening. If the baby is asleep, you do the same. On the other hand, you can ask your relatives or a reliable friend to help you in watching your baby as you sleep. Building Bonds As a parent, you have to establish a strong bond with your baby. Likewise, your baby also needs it to guarantee that he or she is not alone and there is someone who loves them wholeheartedly.


Try to talk, play, cuddle and even sing to your baby to make them respond and pay attention to you. The good thing is, your baby does not mind whether you have a good or bad singing voice. In addition, always give your baby an assurance by constantly being close to the infant. If you are working and both of your hands are full, use slings or front packs to carry your baby. Do not be afraid of being a single dad. In fact, you should be proud of it for only a few survive this kind of role. If you need more details on how to take the path towards being a full pledge parent, check out this great website, Kit’s Toys.co.uk. for details.