Creative and Fun Ideas for Kids Party Games

What fun it is to have party games at a kids’ birthday party! Want a new take on the traditional party games for kids? So, get ready for fun and excitement because, with some of these creative and fun ideas for kids party games, your little guests will have the time of their lives that you might have trouble getting them home.

Of course, before the fun and surprises, the kids need to settle down first. Serving foods that kids love won’t be too difficult especially if you search for yummy recipes on the Internet. For drinks, don’t worry that you can’t serve soda to them. You can make your own “healthy” soda for them. All you need is a good soda maker, and you can search online for a super informative soda maker review to help guide you as you search for a soda maker.

Let The Games Begin!

One reason why there are kids party games at birthday events is to break the ice. Kids are not likely to know one another in the party so it’s a good way to introduce them to each other. It also encourages shy kids to join in the fun, especially when there are prizes or medals at stake. As host, you have to be ready with small prizes that don’t cost much and make sure that all your little guests take home a prize (everybody wins). Here’s a list of the games you can do so your guests won’t get bored:

  1. The Treasure Hunt

A great way is to follow the theme of your child’s party be it pirates, dinosaurs or even a princess themed party. Hide small hard candies or toy trinkets in obvious places around your backyard or give them clues.

  1. Freeze Dancing

Nothing gets kids more joyous than a game of freeze dance. All it takes is to increase the volume of your stereo and get your guests moving and shaking until the music stops. The kids who are caught still dancing are out for that round and so on until only one kid remains. He is the declared winner so a little prize for the best freeze dancer is most welcome.

  1. Wall Painting

Explore the kids’ creativity by hanging a big white sheet of paper in the play area and ask them to paint or draw anything they fancy. You may suggest writing a message for the celebrant. You only need washable crayons or washable paint and brushes for this.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Lion

This is another fun game where the kid is blindfolded and trying to pin the lion’s tail. The kid who hits the mark gets a prize.

  1. Catch the Bubbles

Kids will have great fun trying to catch the soap bubbles. Let somebody blow and blow the bubbles for kids to catch them.

  1. Balloon Sandwich Game

This is a game played with two partners can teach kids cooperation and teamwork. You need to line partners back to back at the starting line. Put a balloon behind their backs so that as they move towards the finish line, they are told not to drop the balloon without the use of their hands. You may give a medal or a prize for the winning pair.

These are just some of the creative and fun ideas for kids’ party games to make sure your party will be a success. Try one of these in your next kid’s party games.