Using Garbage Disposal Correctly

It is essential to know how to use the garbage disposal unit correctly. We know this is one of the best ways to get rid of your waste but with improper use, you will still end up having some issues with your rubbish. And knowing what to put in the garbage disposal unit is the best way to start.

Below are the things you can throw using your garbage disposal unit:

  1. Cold water

You need to make sure that there will always be water draining when your garbage disposal unit is in use. But see to it that the water is not hot. Cold water has the ability to solidify grease as well as fatty foods, making it a preferable temperature for garbage disposal. If you use hot water, this will most likely cause the machine to overheat.

  1. Small particles of food

Big chunks of food will damage the garbage disposal unit. This is only designed to grind away little food scraps that are left on your plate after your meal.

  1. Breads

Breads can easily dissolve or break in the water. However, you need plenty of water when draining them so they won’t turn into a paste. Do not feed the garbage disposal unit with the whole loaf though.

  1. Cooked meat and vegetables

They are soft enough that grinds up in the disposal easily. Do not include stringy vegetables and bones.

  1. Eggshells

Since they are not heavy and break up, they will least likely build up and sit in your drain. However, throwing eggshells through a garbage disposal unit is still a controversial topic.

What not to throw to your garbage disposal unit:

  1. Fruit pits, bones, small pebbles

Anything that you can’t chew must not be thrown to the garbage disposal. This damages the blade as well as clogs the drain.

  1. Oil, grease, and greasy foods

These substances do not mix well with water. When cooled, they can harden and they are not good for septic systems. They cause clog as well as gum up blades.

  1. Rice or pasta

When thrown in large quantities, they will be soaked and expand. They clog the pipes as well.

  1. Stringy vegetables

Examples are asparagus and celery. They can wrap around the blades and can stop the garbage disposal from spinning. They can impede the machine’s functionality.

  1. Fruit and vegetable peels

They are often hard, though only a little will be okay. Do not throw the whole fruit salad though since they can damage the garbage disposal unit and clog the drain.

Other items that you must not throw to the garbage disposal are shrimp shells, stems, cigarette butts, plastic, glass, banana peels, nut shells, onion skins, silverware, jewelry, rocks or wood. Be careful when draining to and never put your hand inside the garbage disposal unit.

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