Professional Lipstick Application in Seven Steps

Most people believe that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lipstick application. Simply take out a lipstick tube, twist it, run over the lips and you are done. However, when one becomes trained in the craft of makeup, it will be impossible not to see the application of lipstick as an art. Getting professionally made up lips is easy. Aside from using the best makeup mirrors similar to the ones professionals use, all you need to do is to follow the simple tips listed below.


Apply Lip Primer


Aside from scrubbing and fluids, lip moisturizers like lip balm and lip primers are ideal to maintain healthy lips. Lip primers also aid in making the color last all day with minor retouching needed.


Assess Your Lips


This is a step that most women do not know about or forget about. Lip assessment is needed to determine the proper lipstick application technique to be used. If you have a small and narrow lip, it is recommended to apply lip liner pencil to the outside edge of the pigmented area. On the other hand, for women with large lips apply the lip liner pencil in the inner edge of the pigmented area. For women who have lips that are not symmetrical, the same lip liner pencil can be used to create a balance between the two sides of the lips.


Choose the Right Lip Liner Color


When out lip liner shopping, keep in mind that the best shade is one that is the closest to your natural lip color. The lip liner also serves as a founder for the lipstick, so aside from lining the lips, it is also used to fill in the lips. This creates a long lasting lipstick wear.


Choose the Right Lipstick Color


There are different shades that complement a person. A certain shade can look great for one person, while it may not look so good for another. It will help to determine if one has a cool or warm skin tone. The easiest step to do this is by checking the color of the veins near the wrist. Blue colored veins signify cool skin tone while green colored veins mean warm skin tone.


Aside from the vein test, there are two other methods. The jewelry method is by checking whether silver or gold looks good on your skin tone. Since individuals with a warm skin tone usually have yellow undertones they look good wearing gold jewelry. On the other hand, individuals with cool skin tone look great with silver jewelry.


The last method is the white blazer test. If you look good with an off white blazer, you have a warm skin tone. However, if a stark white blazer complements your skin tone you are having a cool skin tone.


Individuals with cool skin tone usually look great in brighter colored lips while ones with warm skin tone go well with darker colored lips. However, finding the right shade is a trial and error process since not every shade looks good on cool skin toned individuals as well as warm skin toned individuals.


Final Touches


Using a tissue paper, blot the lips and brush some powder to set the color. Afterwards, add another coat. This will help keep the lipstick stay on longer.


Try these seven tips and you’ll be sporting professionally made lips from now on.