You can never underestimate the power that solar energy can give. In fact, this can even be the source of power in every home in the years to come. These days, only a few households enjoy the benefits of solar power. But time will come when everyone will take advantage of this type of energy.


The sun has so much power to offer. Sadly, we just take this for granted. It sends to as much as 173,000 terawatts of energy to the surface of the Earth. This is ten thousand more than the total energy that the entire planet is using. This means that energy shouldn’t be a problem at all. But a lot of households’ major expenses account on their electric bills. The good news is, some people have already seen the advantage of using the sun’s energy to supply power. In fact, in California’s Mojave Desert stands the world’s largest solar power. It covers around 1000 acres in total.


Solar energy also promises great savings. For instance, there is an air force base in Nevada that uses this type of power; In return, it saves up to $83,000 per month after it has switched from the traditional energy source to solar source.

Today, a lot of projects are conducted which is geared towards consumption of solar energy. One is in India where a 26 million dollar worth solar powered water pumps are being installed. Such project will save up to 1 billion liters of kerosene yearly. And by 2020, they hope to be using a total of 20 million solar lights.


Other places are working their way to more solar light consumption. UK, for instance, forecasted 10 million homes using solar panels by 2020. The construction itself can be costly but remember that PV solar panels will last for 3-4 decades. And within these years, you won’t be spending anything for your energy consumption. Can you imagine how much money you will be saving over the years? If your electric bill tops the list of your monthly expenses, then your projected savings for using solar panels will surely be huge!


Solar energy is something that the Earth is endowed with abundance. In fact, the power that we currently consume is only 40 minutes of solar energy that falls to the Earth. This means there is no need to burn coal anymore. Know that it takes 170 pounds of coal to produce an energy that equals to 1-kilowatt solar power. And this releases 300 pounds of carbon dioxide that destroys Mother Earth. How long do we have to punish our Nature just to fill in our desire for a convenient life? If we continue to do so, do not expect your future generation to enjoy the nature that you are enjoying these days.


It’s about time to show concern for our environment and switch to solar energy. Check out to know where to start. This decision is not just for you but for the benefit of your prosperity as well.

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