A Good Massage Chair under $1000

Massage chairs are the best products for individuals who want to achieve stress and muscle pain relief but do not have time to head to the massage spa or clinic. They are specially designed recliner chairs that have electronic chips. They are either operated by a rechargeable battery or directly by an electrical power source. They also have special programs that can be set or have already been pre-set so that users can choose a massage technique that they prefer or need.


Unfortunately, most massage chairs are being sold at a price higher than a thousand dollars. Hence, many individuals have a hard time looking for one that can fit into their budget. What is worse is that affordable massage chairs often have little features and poor quality. With that in regard, this article will be looking into the best massage chairs for your money. The purpose of which is for you to be sure that you are buying a massage chair that can deliver the results needed without putting a hole in your pocket.


Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner with Stretched Foot Rest 06


This 55 x 42 x 35-inch and 300-pound massage chair comes with a 1-year limited warranty offer that has parts and labor. It comes in color black and is fully automated wherein users can raise and recline the backrest, as well as the leg or foot ottoman without hassles. In addition, the backrest has also been designed to match the shape and contour of the back of individuals who will be using it.

In order to give the user a good massage, the product has more than 30 airbags wherein 20 of which are located in the lower back area of the chair. Hence, even the legs, feet, and thighs can be massaged perfectly. For the upper body, massage can be provided from the user’s neck to the tailbone. What is better is that the product has a control panel that is intended to change the intensity level, from weak to strong, of the massage to be performed.


Since the buttocks and the thighs are the parts of the body that usually receive pressure, the manufacturer of this product made sure that special attention has been provided in designing such massage areas. Hence, the buttocks area has been equipped with a motor that has a highly powerful vibrating capability. Likewise, the thigh part has airbags that have double layers. Nevertheless, all the airbags incorporated in the chair are capable of rolling and moving up and down. Through such, the user will receive similar finger motions or pressures that are done on traditional Shiatsu massage.




The good thing about this product is that it has an ergonomic design. Hence, proper posture is still achieved while the user is being massaged. With a price that is lower than $1000, purchasers will be able to get a product that is loaded with different massage functionalities that are made possible by the presence of rollers and airbags that have been distributed strategically. Therefore; if people are on the lookout for a massage chair that can provide them with Shiatsu-like massages, then this product will be a good choice.

Solar Energy: The Modern Way to Power the Future

You can never underestimate the power that solar energy can give. In fact, this can even be the source of power in every home in the years to come. These days, only a few households enjoy the benefits of solar power. But time will come when everyone will take advantage of this type of energy.


The sun has so much power to offer. Sadly, we just take this for granted. It sends to as much as 173,000 terawatts of energy to the surface of the Earth. This is ten thousand more than the total energy that the entire planet is using. This means that energy shouldn’t be a problem at all. But a lot of households’ major expenses account on their electric bills. The good news is, some people have already seen the advantage of using the sun’s energy to supply power. In fact, in California’s Mojave Desert stands the world’s largest solar power. It covers around 1000 acres in total.


Solar energy also promises great savings. For instance, there is an air force base in Nevada that uses this type of power; In return, it saves up to $83,000 per month after it has switched from the traditional energy source to solar source.

Today, a lot of projects are conducted which is geared towards consumption of solar energy. One is in India where a 26 million dollar worth solar powered water pumps are being installed. Such project will save up to 1 billion liters of kerosene yearly. And by 2020, they hope to be using a total of 20 million solar lights.


Other places are working their way to more solar light consumption. UK, for instance, forecasted 10 million homes using solar panels by 2020. The construction itself can be costly but remember that PV solar panels will last for 3-4 decades. And within these years, you won’t be spending anything for your energy consumption. Can you imagine how much money you will be saving over the years? If your electric bill tops the list of your monthly expenses, then your projected savings for using solar panels will surely be huge!


Solar energy is something that the Earth is endowed with abundance. In fact, the power that we currently consume is only 40 minutes of solar energy that falls to the Earth. This means there is no need to burn coal anymore. Know that it takes 170 pounds of coal to produce an energy that equals to 1-kilowatt solar power. And this releases 300 pounds of carbon dioxide that destroys Mother Earth. How long do we have to punish our Nature just to fill in our desire for a convenient life? If we continue to do so, do not expect your future generation to enjoy the nature that you are enjoying these days.


It’s about time to show concern for our environment and switch to solar energy. Check out http://outdoorgardencollections.com/ to know where to start. This decision is not just for you but for the benefit of your prosperity as well.

A Guide for Single Dads: How to Take Care of Your Baby After Birth

Mothers are wired to nurture babies as they grow older. It is a part of their instinct of being a woman and a mother. However, there are a few mothers who leave their baby alone after giving birth. Either they are afraid of their new role or they are experiencing a personal problem. But still, it all comes down to dads taking care of their infant. Single dads who dedicate their time nurturing their babies are rare.


On the other hand, dads receive less recognition and there are only a small number of articles telling their story, which indeed is sad to know. Thus, for single dads facing this new role in their life, here is a simple guide that can help you achieve your responsibility like a true hero.


The Issue of Breast Feeding


As a male human being, you don’t have to ability to produce milk. This is one of the biggest challenges for single dads like you in taking care of babies. Milk is the only food allowed for infants to consume and since you could not produce milk for your baby, ask a doctor for another option. If you know another new mom in your family or in your circle of friends you can ask her for her milk. After a few weeks, consult again your doctor for a formula that is suitable for your baby.


Sleepless Nights


Along with having a baby is suffering from rows of sleepless nights. It is a general experience for parents, but new moms and dads have a hard time dealing with it. How much more if you are a single parent? Lack of sleep will make you cranky and once you are irritant, your baby can feel it and this will ruin his or her mood resulting in a fit of crying and wailing. Therefore, make sure that you get to sleep enough to avoid this from happening. If the baby is asleep, you do the same. On the other hand, you can ask your relatives or a reliable friend to help you in watching your baby as you sleep. Building Bonds As a parent, you have to establish a strong bond with your baby. Likewise, your baby also needs it to guarantee that he or she is not alone and there is someone who loves them wholeheartedly.


Try to talk, play, cuddle and even sing to your baby to make them respond and pay attention to you. The good thing is, your baby does not mind whether you have a good or bad singing voice. In addition, always give your baby an assurance by constantly being close to the infant. If you are working and both of your hands are full, use slings or front packs to carry your baby. Do not be afraid of being a single dad. In fact, you should be proud of it for only a few survive this kind of role. If you need more details on how to take the path towards being a full pledge parent, check out this great website, Kit’s Toys.co.uk. for details.

Remediate Molds by Getting Rid of Moisture

Molds can be green, white, yellow, black, or pink. While all molds, regardless of color, are toxic, some say black is the most toxic of all. On the other hand, pink mold is one of the most common types. It’s also one of the most common and annoying problems many households face.


You’d usually find pink mold in damp areas, so you’ll see lots of it in the bathroom, particularly in bathroom grouts, the toilet, and the areas around the shower and bathtub. That’s because pink mold thrives in wet and moist places. This type of pink mold is called aureobasidium. There’s another type of pink mold known as fusarium, which thrives on houseplants, carpets, and wallpapers. Putting a carpet in your bathroom, which is prone to dampness, makes it a perfect breeding ground for fusarium.


Should you be worried about pink mold? Well, it’s not as dangerous as black mold. However, there are still some health risks associated with it. Research has shown that there is a correlation between pink mold and several human infections like gastrointestinal problems, urinary tract infection, and wound infection. Those exposed to this type of mold are prone to respiratory problems -infections and inflammation of the lungs, allergic reactions, hives, rashes, and bleeding in the lungs.


No person can totally get away of molds because they are a natural part of the environment. Molds, especially those that grow indoors, must be eliminated because not only do these fungi destroy home structures, they also endanger the health of the members of the family especially the children, elderly, or anyone with a very weak immune system. If your home is contaminated with molds, then you are in need of home mold remediation.


Home mold remediation starts with understanding the cause of the problem. Molds need five basic ingredients in order to grow and germinate – air, moisture, food, suitable temperature, and a surface to grow on. Nevertheless, among all these, special attention must be given to moisture because it is the main culprit for causing mold growth on bathroom walls, carpets, wood furniture, window sills, or any other home structure that you can think of. Ridding your home of moisture, in general, can actually take care of the mold problem.


How do you know, though, if there is too much moisture inside your home? While excess moisture can be difficult to detect, some signs can be readily apparent. Here are some of the most common symptoms of excess indoor moisture: musty smell, ice or frosts on windows or other cold surfaces, surface discoloration or staining, deformed wood surfaces, wood decay, water leaks, chipping or crumbling concrete and masonry, and high indoor humidity (a relative humidity of fifty-five percent or more).


It is very important to emphasize the value of fixing the moisture problem as part of home mold remediation. Sure there are lots of mold cleaning or removal products that you can use to eliminate molds. But if the moisture problem is not resolved, the molds will just grow back again. Here are some practical ways to remove excess indoor moisture: use an air conditioner, move indoor plants outdoors, take colder showers, install a fan in the kitchen and bathroom, and use a dehumidifier.


Home mold remediation can benefit your family in many ways. Eliminating moisture is easy if you understand what causes it and what can alleviate it.

Ways to Keep Fit This Holiday Season

This coming holiday season, many people tend to break out of their normal healthy diet and daily workout routine because of the different events that they have been invited in and the countless of irresistible foods that are served during these events. The feast that every household puts on the table is the center of events like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebration. If you are worried about staying fit this holiday season, here are some ways for you to be able to do so.

  1. Don’t forget to run or walk if you find the time.

Since you would be having a lot of days off, you would have more time to do go out and enjoy your free time by walking or jogging. If you are traveling, the best way to see the sights is by foot. You can even persuade your friends who are with you to enjoy strolling together.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast.

Some people might think of eating just a little for breakfast, or even not eating at all, just so they would be able to enjoy all the food that is served at the feast. However, that is a bad idea if you want to stay fit even during these festive days. It is better to eat your normal breakfast, or even more, so you won’t be tempted to eat a lot when all the calorie-filled foods are in front of you.

  1. Eat slowly.

It takes about twenty minutes before your body would tell you that you are already full. Eating slowly would allow your system to digest the food and signal your brain that you don’t need to fill up your plate anymore. Chew your food well and do not just stuff your face with all the food that you see. Also, if you want to taste all the different kinds of food, you can take a small amount of each. You do not have to fill your plate with one dish just to be able to enjoy the taste.

  1. Help with the chores.

There would be a lot of house chores to do before and after the event. Preparing the living room or the reception area and cleaning up afterward, would be a good way to ready your body for the calories that you are about to intake during the feast and getting rid of the extra ones when you eat a lot.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Your appetite would be triggered more if you are tired or sleepy. You have to prepare your body for the upcoming night events by sleeping well before the holidays. Try to catch some ZZZs if you have time. It would also be a good idea to get some sleep a few hours before a party.

  1. Eat only the food that you don’t get to eat during the normal days.

Chips, fried chicken and other kinds of food that are sometimes served during these events are available any time of the year. You can skip them and only choose to eat the special dishes that are not often served on a daily basis.
There are more tips and tricks for staying healthy in this site. You can ream more about it here.

Consumers-Powered Community: What Is Their Role in the Cybermarket Sphere?

The “cloud” or the internet has altered the game in the market and business arena. Instead of marketing products and services in a real store, the stage has shifted into the virtual dimension. In this age, the business has already penetrated the cyberspace. It is the reason why you can now shop online, send packages, ask for medical assistance and create transactions through the internet. This change has instigated both benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of them:

Pros of Cybermarket

  • Offers convenience since you no longer have to visit an actual store to get a product or services.
  • Time and cost-efficient.
  • Provides 24/7 assistance and availability.
  • Accessible anywhere you are as long as you have good internet connectivity and a gadget to browse the web.
  • Most major companies operate an online store to deliver more and quality services to customers.

Cons of Cybermarket

  • Makes you vulnerable to scam and hackers.
  • You have to disclose your private information on the web which is accessible by malign individuals.
  • You can never be sure if the product viewed on the web has similar quality to what is delivered to you.
  • There are countless fraud sites on the internet claiming they are “real” and “reliable”.

Indeed, the purpose of cybermarket is to provide more to consumers. However, in this situation, the consumers are also susceptible to fraud. Then, how can you avoid getting scammed or receiving poor customer service? You will get the protection that you need through a consumers-powered community website.

Nowadays, there are several online consumer communities on the web. All of them hold a promise to offer assistance to consumers like you. However, the role of consumers-powered community on the internet is more than that. Here are the most important roles of this type of website that you should know.

  • An online consumer community serves as your shield in purchasing either on the internet or in an actual store.
  • It can protect you from purchasing the wrong product from the wrong dealer or company. Thus, you can evade scammers on the web.
  • Helps you to make decisions as to what brand or store to buy a particular product.
  • Provides customer reviews of the leading companies in the country to assist consumers in buying.
  • As a consumer, you can file a complaint if you purchased a damaged product or have received a poor customer service.

Do you really need the help of an online consumer website? No doubt, with the presence of fraud website and dealers, registering to a consumers-powered community is certainly a brilliant idea. As a consumer, you are entitled to use the number one site for this purpose. Go to 2Shay. 2Shay is the leading and fastest-growing community for both local and traveling consumers of Canada. This website can provide you a wide variety of information concerning the major companies in the country from different markets. They can support you to find the right company, whether it be from digital, finance, utilities, food, transport and other miscellaneous areas. It is quick and simple to connect with 2Shay. You only have to visit their website on http://ca.2shay.co and register to become a full member.

How to Know If the Travel Mug is Perfect for You


Travel mug distributors will definitely do everything to sell their products. That is why you can’t just rely on their ads when buying one. Smart consumers know what they want, making it easier for them to know if the product is worth the investment. Here are some of the factors you need to look for:

  1. Know how the mug was built

Do not settle for anything less than a mug with double wall insulation and stainless steel materials. Normally, these types will cost more but you can save over time since they can be used way longer than their cheaper counterparts. With such built, you can expect to them perform well, keeping your tea or coffee steaming hot for hours.

  1. For plastic travel mug, a stainless steel liner must be present.

Using a plastic liner is a big no-no. It causes the coffee to absorb, thereby giving a bad taste to your beverage. These types easily break as well, especially when dropped.

  1. Pick the right size

To know if you have the right size, check if the mug fits snugly into your car’s cup holder. However, if your vehicle happens to be devoid of a cup holder, opt for a mug that is built with a non-slip bottom. Remember that size is important, not only to make sure that the mug fits its holder but to be sure that you won’t get dehydrated while traveling on the road. If you are not really a drinker, a small 8 oz. tumbler may do. But larger types are necessary if you want to drink from time to time. A 16-20 oz. mug may need to be purchased in this case.

  1. Make sure that the lid is secured

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your mug’s lid to snap or open when the mug accidentally drops or tips over. Choose a mug with screw on lids. They will always stay on regardless of what happens, hence, making them ideal for travels.

Important points to remember

Know that it is better to wash the tumbler by your hands instead of using a dishwasher to clean it. Do not allow soap residue to stay on the tumbler, may it be in the lid or the walls.  Rinse the tumbler well so that no soap will be retained that can alter the taste of the beverage.

Meanwhile, do not your mug to stay in a direct sunlight. This will damage the rubber seals found on the mug’s lid. Also, the presence of silicon rubber on the tumbler’s components will affect the taste of the brew.

So, list all the qualities that you are looking for in a travel mug and have this list with you when you do your shopping. This will ensure that you will be investing on something that you need and not something that you simply want. Remember that there are so many travel mugs available in the market and you need to be a smart consumer to find the one with top-notch quality, appearance and price. IBEX can be a perfect choice so check it out.




Considerations When Buying a Hand Planer

When it comes to woodworking, professionals who are in this industry understand that it’s not merely their skill and craftsmanship that determines the quality of their products but also the equipment used. The performance and quality of equipment can make a noticeable difference that can determine whether the shop is a cut above the rest, or unable to make the cut, marketability wise. One of the most used tools in a woodworking shed, or even in a large carpentry shop is the hand planer. Hand planers being used often is probably an understatement. It’s practically used with every large wood panel cutting as well as some precise cutting tasks. Anyone who is still starting out from scratch and wanting to make it big in carpentry should definitely spend money on a high-quality hand planer. Here are some helpful guidelines to take note of when picking on from a power tools store or from an online supplier.

  1. Budget

Having a predetermined budget sets a range that buyers can stick to and avoid overspending or buying cheap but substandard options. However, it wouldn’t make much sense to blindly set a range to budget without even knowing how much hand planers generally cost. Check out different options first, weigh in and determine what price ceiling is best. This is better done via the Internet instead of going to a physical store where options are limited. The Internet can provide more options and a better picture as to which planers can do the job at the right price.

  1. Ergonomic

With all the machismo that usually accompanies a career in carpentry, one might think that comfort is the last thing that a skilled carpenter needs. On the contrary, the fact that woodworking is physically demanding to begin with means that equipment should provide a considerable level of comfort. This helps people in this line of work in enduring the entire workday and the next. Buying from a physical store has the advantage of letting buyers actually hold, and in some cases use the planer for a demo. Unfortunately, the level of comfort wouldn’t be tested fully with just a couple of minutes of using. This is where reviews come in handy. There’s bound to be several reviews on the web that can help in this regard, especially ones coming from users who have been using the model on a day to day basis.

  1. Brand

Ever wondered why some brands can have significantly higher asking prices over others? This is because they have already built a good reputation around their brand and their name alone can mean that they have accountability in providing only the best out there. Ultimately, it still depends on the buyer if they’d prefer to cut the cost of the brand name and risk buying from a relatively unknown brand. On the other hand, there are plenty of reviews that can help in assessing the quality of said unfamiliar brands. Some brands might just be lacking in the marketing department but are amazing in manufacturing the best electric hand planer around.

Top Things a Man Should Have in His Wallet

Admit it or not, if you are a man; since you do not carry a bag most of the time, your wallet is almost always full, usually, your pockets, too. You cannot carry a purse either unless you want your colleagues and friends to be laughing at you and talking about it for the rest of your life. Thick wallets just do not look good if you are wearing a suit or tight pants or even if you tuck in your shirt. It just destroys your overall look – and looks are important when going out. You might think that it would make you look like you have loads of money. No, it would just make you look out-dated since not many carry that many cash with them.

There must be some things in your wallet that you can live without for a day. Let us look at the things that you should have in your wallet.


It is but sensible to carry any form of identification with you. First and foremost, you always need your driver’s license. It is one thing you should have in your wallet. And of course, your company ID or your student’s ID if you are still in school. Leave the others like club ID or a membership card in a restaurant, unless of course, you would need those for the day.

Credit Cards

A maximum of two would be enough. Men do not usually go on a shopping spree like women do and they do not need loads of cards with them. Maybe a debit card and a credit card would do. This is also a great way to save money since you would be thinking of doing some random equipment hauling for the day. In cases when you have to have all your cards with you, you better get the best credit card holder wallet that can neatly carry all those cards.


Although you would not be leaving the house without any credit card, a man still has to have cash. Not all establishments can be paid through credits. There are still a lot of vending machines scattered that do not accept credit cards. Also, it would be nice to have some change to tip the waiter of your favorite restaurant or the taxi driver.

Commonly-Used Discount Cards

Gas station discount cards, discount cards at a restaurant you eat in almost every day, discount cards at a local supermarket you always drop by at before you get to your home. These are the only ones you need to bring with you. You would not need to bring all those coupons that would be staying in your wallet until they expire.

Business Cards

Even if you do not own a business, having a simple business card that has your contact information would be handy. But, maybe carry only two or three with you since you would not be going out to distribute your personal information anyway. Just in case you would meet someone that would need to contact you in the future. It would be too awkward to ask for his phone to store your contact information especially if he or she is of higher status.

What to Look for When Buying a Laptop Bag

It’s becoming more and more obvious that the future of employment in the corporate world will have to require constant use of laptops and mobile phones. It’s not just the working class who are going to be tied to their portable computers, but also students. In fact, gone are the days where university students have to endure a hefty backpack full of books. Instead, the thick pages of their textbooks and notes are replaced by digital copies and conveniently jotted down highlights of lectures. For this reason, laptops are sure to be a standard commodity that practically everyone has to own.

Consequently, everyone has to have a laptop bag to make sure that they are able to take advantage of the very reason why laptops are bought instead of computers: portability.

Choosing a laptop bag is easy. That is, f a laptop owner doesn’t mind buying a bag that’s appropriate for their unit or their fashion statement. Buying a laptop bag is like a combination of buying clothing and wallets. It’s a bit complicated when all things that can make it a good purchase is considered. Here are key things to take note of when choosing one:

  1. Size

Laptops come in different sizes. There was a time where screen sizes stuck to standard increments. Now there are plenty of in-betweens. This is why indicated laptop sizes that a certain bag is able to accommodate is no longer that reliable. However, it’s better to err on the side of overestimation. Laptops with 13.3″ screens, for example, can go for a generous 14 to 15″ depending on the bezels of their unit. It’s also recommended to get a bag with a compartment for laptops that have velcro straps to secure the system in place.

  1. Style

Choosing a laptop bag generally means, for most people, buying a messenger bag. This is perfectly understandable because messenger bags have become the go-to option for most laptop users. The look of messenger bags simply evokes a sense of belonging in the contemporary era. Whether if it’s just a trend or not is beside the point. If a rolling backpack is a better option for an individual, then it’s usually better to buy that one instead. Practical use of the bag is a priority over being plain trendy. Besides, backpacks and tote bags are legitimate form factors for fashionable laptop bags.

  1. Features

One of the most useful features of modern laptop bags is the addition of wheels. It may seem ironic, but as laptops become lighter, people are cramming more items in their bags. Manufacturers will shrink a laptop’s height and compromise battery capacity, consequently forcing users to buy a bulky power bank in its place. To accommodate the many things put inside a bag, creatively designed compartments has to be present. Also, with the heft of these items, a laptop owner will be thankful for buying a bag that has wheels installed. They don’t have to be large and obnoxious set of wheels. Check out reviews of the best rolling laptop bags to get a better idea.