Have you tried changing a tire?

At some point in your life, there will come a time wherein you have to change tires on your own. While having a spare tire is necessary, you’ll also need a piece of equipment to help you remove and replace the damaged tire. And that is the job of a jack.

A jack is standard equipment for vehicle repair and changing tires. Any person who owns a car knows this fact. Moreover, a jack can transform a space into an impromptu automotive workshop for easier and faster vehicle repair. Indeed, it is your reliable companion when it comes to car maintenance.

Know that jack varies in type, material, sizes, durability, and performance. Likewise, each type of jack has unique features that are best-suitable for certain situations. Thus, before you go to the nearest store or shop online for a jack, here are some basic facts you need to know about this equipment.

What are the Different Types of Jacks?

#1 Floor Jack

The most common type of jack that is often used for vehicle maintenance and car repairs. A floor jack is extremely convenient since it is light to carry around. It is one of the reasons why floor jacks are highly recommended for individuals in the car racing industry.

A floor jack consists of a low to the ground unit with four wheels. There is a handle attached to the device for operating and pumping the hydraulic lift portion of the equipment. Also, the jack saddle appears like a round disk for easier contact with the vehicle.

#2 Hydraulic Bottle Jack

This type of jack is bottle shaped. It utilizes hydraulic pressure to hoist heavy equipment and vehicles. A hydraulic bottle jack features high lifting capacity used on a hard and level surface. Hence, you’ll need to insert a lever to lift the vehicle.

This jack is not advisable for changing tires. It is quite heavy and lacks mobility. However, it is a perfect automotive repair business.

#3 Scissor Jack

Most people own a scissor jack if not the floor type. It requires a screw mechanism to lift an object. The primary advantage of this equipment is its small size and portability.

#4 Hi-Lift Jack

A Hi-Lift jack is a specialty lifting equipment for off-road vehicles. It is mainly used for off-road situations, for example when lifting vehicles on rough terrains which can damage other types of jacks.

The approximate capacity of a hi-lift jack is 7,000 pounds and can lift a vehicle at a height of 5 feet. This type of jack weighs 30 pounds and measures 3 to 5 feet long which means you can’t carry it around on your vehicle.

Where to Find Jacks?

If you are planning to buy a jack, never forget to consult an online source like the Auto Aid Outlet.

The Auto Aid Outlet is a great companion and assistant when it comes to searching for the best jack in the market. This platform contains product reviews to guidelines in selecting a jack. You can visit the official website of Auto Aid Outlet for additional info about this equipment.

You can find jacks on leading online stores like Amazon. But before you get one, determine first which jack is best-suitable for your car maintenance needs.

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