Travel mug distributors will definitely do everything to sell their products. That is why you can’t just rely on their ads when buying one. Smart consumers know what they want, making it easier for them to know if the product is worth the investment. Here are some of the factors you need to look for:

  1. Know how the mug was built

Do not settle for anything less than a mug with double wall insulation and stainless steel materials. Normally, these types will cost more but you can save over time since they can be used way longer than their cheaper counterparts. With such built, you can expect to them perform well, keeping your tea or coffee steaming hot for hours.

  1. For plastic travel mug, a stainless steel liner must be present.

Using a plastic liner is a big no-no. It causes the coffee to absorb, thereby giving a bad taste to your beverage. These types easily break as well, especially when dropped.

  1. Pick the right size

To know if you have the right size, check if the mug fits snugly into your car’s cup holder. However, if your vehicle happens to be devoid of a cup holder, opt for a mug that is built with a non-slip bottom. Remember that size is important, not only to make sure that the mug fits its holder but to be sure that you won’t get dehydrated while traveling on the road. If you are not really a drinker, a small 8 oz. tumbler may do. But larger types are necessary if you want to drink from time to time. A 16-20 oz. mug may need to be purchased in this case.

  1. Make sure that the lid is secured

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your mug’s lid to snap or open when the mug accidentally drops or tips over. Choose a mug with screw on lids. They will always stay on regardless of what happens, hence, making them ideal for travels.

Important points to remember

Know that it is better to wash the tumbler by your hands instead of using a dishwasher to clean it. Do not allow soap residue to stay on the tumbler, may it be in the lid or the walls.  Rinse the tumbler well so that no soap will be retained that can alter the taste of the beverage.

Meanwhile, do not your mug to stay in a direct sunlight. This will damage the rubber seals found on the mug’s lid. Also, the presence of silicon rubber on the tumbler’s components will affect the taste of the brew.

So, list all the qualities that you are looking for in a travel mug and have this list with you when you do your shopping. This will ensure that you will be investing on something that you need and not something that you simply want. Remember that there are so many travel mugs available in the market and you need to be a smart consumer to find the one with top-notch quality, appearance and price. IBEX can be a perfect choice so check it out.




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