As people age, there are certain changes that will occur over time. These changes may not be applicable to others but most likely, there are common changes that are evident in general. These changes will certainly happen whatever your gender may be. As what the popular statement implies, the only constant thing in this world is change; every day, change is there to greet you as you wake up in the morning. These changes may come in different ways and in different form. But the most obvious change that time can tell is when one’s skin starts to break out. Men might not notice this change as much as women obviously do. Women are more self-conscious compared to men.


One way to keep your skin from breaking out is by doing your own skin care routine. Practicing proper care for your skin is important especially for women who constantly use make up. Make up is one of the reasons why women experience skin breakout. To avoid having skin breakouts, one must use good quality beauty products.

In a normal make-up routine, using primer is one of the basics. Using primers will help protect your skin when using layers of make-up. If you have problems with having large pores, it is a must to have a great foundation if you have large pores . Although make-up alone has a big part in skin breakouts, add on the layers of dirt, the pollution and UV rays you might encounter as you go about your day. There are many primers found in the market today and not all of them might be best for your skin type. Before purchasing any skin and beauty products, one must know what their skin type is. Then after, you can shop all you want. Here in this article, one of the best primers in the market will be discussed.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener

Maintaining your youthful skin and beauty, this facial primer minimizes possible appearance of pores and wrinkles to showcase your natural radiance. Here are the advantages of using this product as one of your skin care routine.

  • This product helps the skin to maintain and hold natural skin moisture.
  • Although this is one of the many products you can use, this primer will give your skin a smooth feeling at the same time nourishes and brightens it.
  • By using this product, you can minimize the appearance of large pores and will also reduce any wrinkles that are visible.
  •  This primer will be able to prepare your skin so that the makeup you use will go on more easily and will also last longer.

Using the right skin products will help you maintain the radiance you have and the young looking skin for a long period of time. Skin breakouts might happen if you use skin products that are not right for your skin type. Being knowledgeable enough regarding these things might help you reduce any visible change. For more details regarding the best foundations and primers you can use, you can visit

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