Numerous dating websites and gurus are teaching you how to catch the attention of the girl you’ve set your eyes on. Also, there are too many online sources telling you the dos and don’ts of flirting.

Yes, all of these are quite helpful in improving your dating life. But remember, not all girls are interested in dating or accepting romantic advances. Pursuing the woman despite her rejection is borderline harassment. That is why you need to learn how to read the signs that she’s not into you.

Sign#1 One Word Responses

A woman who clearly enjoys your company won’t give you one-word answers. She would laugh with you and share her stories to let you know she’s in for the taking. Moreover, she’ll be more open in conversing and will get all the chances of talking only to spend more moments with you.

However, if the woman you strike a conversation with has a tight-lipped smile and says one-word responses, it is crystal clear, she’s not interested. One word answers are stop signs telling you not to proceed.

Sign#2 Body Languages

Physical actions are great and reliable hints telling you whether to proceed or not pursuing the lady.

A woman changes her body posture when she sees an attractive man. For example, she sets her shoulders back, stands taller, and sucks her stomach in. Moreover, her body turns toward the man and points her shoes in his direction.

Now, if you can’t see these signs, you have to stop making any advances. If her body turns away, or if she keeps on scooting back from your direction, it is enough proof telling you to stop.

Sign#3 Flakiness

Now, some women accept the advances of a man, but it immediately ends after a few dates. However, in some cases, she does agree to go out but suddenly stands you up or says, something came up. If these happen, it is a sign that you must not go forward.

Sign#4 Avoids Any Form of Contact

A woman who does not accept any form of physical contact, tells the man to back-off. If her body language is stiff or unapproachable, stop making advances to avoid harassing or offending her privacy.

Sign#5 Friend-Zoned

If a woman keeps on reinforcing that you’re just friends, it is a hint that you need to stop. Also, giving her number to you does not entirely mean she wants to go out and date you. If she doesn’t respond to your messages or calls, never insist on the relationship you want to build.

More Guidelines

You have to be aware when a woman is interested or not to date. It helps to save time, effort, and of course, heartbreak. Thus, before you go on a date or try to pursue the woman you like, check out the

The Date and Simple is an online source that guides men and women on how to enter and enliven their dating life. This source offers complete guidelines for all people who are still searching for their soul mate and for those who already found one.

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