Saving some bucks is always beneficial because it makes you cut costs in your expenditure. If you rear chicken, you might decide to design an apron for collecting eggs, instead of buying a tray. Egg trays are not so comfortable in handling, and if you make a mistake and bend the tray, or if you trip and fall, you will lose all the eggs. However, an apron is safe and comfortable, juxtaposed with an egg tray.

Preparing the apron

In this article, you will learn about an easy to make chicken egg collecting apron: that is also cheap and durable. All what you need is the fabric material of your choice, straight pins, scissors, and coordinating thread. After that, you can start designing it, and mostly it has a total of 12 pockets for holding eggs. Your waist size is vital when cutting the apron, because it is used to determine the size of the apron. You should cut the apron measuring half of your waist size, then make cuts for the pockets. The remaining piece of fabric (after cutting out the apron), is what you use to get the pieces for the pockets and the straps. After measuring the pockets and counterchecking to ensure that everything is alright, you should attach them to the apron: on their right positions.

Putting the apron together

That is facilitated by the straight pins that you use to attach the pockets in their respective positions, before sewing them. You can even decide to use an egg to test whether the pockets are of the right size, and whether the eggs will fit inside the pockets. This is necessary to enable you sew a perfect apron, without too fitting pockets or baggy ones that cannot hold the eggs in position. After doing that, now everything is well arranged and the only thing that is remaining is to sew the apron and finish it up. You can begin with the edges, followed by the pockets. However, the pockets take quite long because they are small and a lot of work is required to put them together. After sewing the pockets, you feel quite relieved because you are now through with the greater part of the work.

Fixing the pockets

The pockets are sewn on one piece of the apron, and after that, you attach the other piece and sew it together. The apron is made up of two pieces. After winding up with the pockets, the only remaining part is the straps. You should also use the straight pins to put them in their respective positions, and then sew them on the apron. Having installed the straps, you can now have a sigh of relief and even stretch yourself a bit to relieve yourself from stress and tiredness. The apron is now complete and ready to be used. You just have to countercheck it again to ensure that everything is alright, and whether you have done a flawless work. After ensuring that the pockets are fit and everything else is impeccably done, Voila! It is time to try it out.

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