If you are a woodworking hobbyist or a professional who needs a brand new tool and lacks information on the features to take into consideration before making a purchase then I assure you that you are reading the right article. This article will give you details on the essential band saw features to take into consideration when making a purchase.

Band saws are very important tools that you must have if you are an expert woodworker or a hobbyist. They are powerful tools for making curvaceous woodcuts and also work perfectly when it comes ripping lumber into thinner pieces. Maybe you are now having a pep talk on how to know a good band saw! A good band saw needs to be able to make accurate crosscuts and work in the smoothest manner possible. They are much safer than table saws as they are able to make a downward cut action thus removing the ‘kickback’ from table saws completely. Thanks to the invention of band saws. For all your woodwork consider the Grizzly portable band saw. Let me us take you through the essentials;

. Frame

Frame is an important feature to consider while making a band saw purchase especially when you are going with a typical one. The frame represents the main support for the whole body or unit thus making it to require much attention when choosing. You should pay more attention when choosing when it comes to frame. The most used construction type for band saw frame are but not limited to; cast iron, welded steel, and die-cast among others. Among all the construction types for the band saw, cast iron is the one that is most recommended due to exceptional strength and the nice weighty feel which ensures a good level of stability for the entire body.

Wheel weight

If you want a cutting experience that is more suited to your need then you don’t have a choice but to take into consideration the weight of the wheel. Wheels are made of different materials, for example, internal wheels are made of heavy cast iron for a certain band saw but there are also models which use lighter aluminum wheels. Make a wise choice while making your purchase but if you are not sure, it is best to go with a cast iron wheel as the cutting process feels steadier and consistent.


Don’t you have enough space to handle a full band saw? The market has got your back by offering more portable saws that can help you achieve the purpose you want. When making a purchase go for a model that is cordless and simpler to maneuver as it will be of great help.

Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to figure out the quality of the cut made by band saw when shopping for this kind of tool. Hopefully, this quick guide has offered you some good indicators to take into consideration for quick shopping and greater performance

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