Nolah Mattress: The Best Alternative to Memory Foam and Latex

Have heard about Nolah Mattress?

Nolah Mattress is acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of outstanding mattresses in the industry. Nolah is a well-respected name in the market for creating award-winning mattresses.

Nolah is famous for their proprietary AirFoam mattress. This type of bed is unlike what you have experienced with memory foam or a latex mattress. As you probably know, memory mattress is highly recommended for individuals with problems on their back and hips. Memory foam offers great body support and relieves pressure on certain points. The problem is memory foam traps the heat inside the mattress. Thus, it makes you feel warm all night long. If your body has the tendency to get hot, you would surely sweat at night especially during the warmer season.

On the other hand, latex foam answers the problem of memory foam. A latex type is extremely soft and comfortable. It dissipates heat to keep your body cool as you sleep. Furthermore, latex has that bouncy effect that memory foam lack. However, latex foam does not provide sufficient body support. Likewise, it fails in distributing weight and body transition. Hence, if you are suffering from back pains and similar conditions, using latex foam is never a good idea.

Nolah Mattress is the best alternative to memory and latex foam. It has the solution to the shortcomings of mattresses with memory and latex. Read on to explore more the features of Nolah Mattress.

1. Extra Deep AirFoam-Nolah mattress use AirFoam instead of traditional foams. AirFoam is more soft and comfortable compared to other brands. It promotes relief from hips, shoulders and back pain. It releases the pressure and tension on your body to prevent pain and soreness. This feature is perfect for back and side sleepers.

2. Deep Support and High-Resilience Foam- The top layer of Nolah mattress is a combination of polyester and viscose which is soft and thin. The base layer of the mattress is made of high-resilience foam that creates a great balance of softness and firmness.

3. High-Density Foundation- The base layer of the mattress is made of 7 inches ultra-grade core foundation foam. This material is the reason why Nolah offers excellent body support. The base layer is sturdy and can endure extreme conditions.

4. Cooling Foam-The AirFoam does not only offer responsiveness and comfort. This material has an air-cooling effect that maintains your body temperature. Nolah mattress dissipates heat so you can enjoy a good night sleep, especially during summer season.

Nolah offers two product lines; the Nolah Original 10 and Nolah Signature 12. Both mattresses have the same features except for their thickness. Nolah Original is a 10inches mattress whereas the Nolah Signature is a 12 inches mattress. If you want to enjoy the therapeutic comfort of Nolah mattresses, see their coupons here at RandPaul2010.

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What You Should Know about Materials Used in Making Knife Blades

A hunting knife is among the most essential equipment that you will require when going for a hunt. This tool is comprised of various components that make it efficient in fulfilling the user’s needs. The most vital components that are used in making hunting knives include the blade, the handles and the sheath. Many professional hunters know the importance of assessing each of these components as this determines how effective the hunting experience will be. It is possible for you to get one bushcraft knife option here. You should note that there are different materials used in making hunting knife’s blades. This article will guide you on how to know which material is the best for the blade of your hunting knife.

You will realize that there are some hunting knives that are packaged with blade names such as 420, 154 CM, AUS-8, ATS34 or CPM440V. These blade names are meant to guide you on the quality of material used in making the blade of the knife. You should note that the knife blades are designed with a combination of various metals such as manganese, carbon, vanadium, chromium, molybdenum, nickel and so forth. The ratio of the composition of these metals used in making the knife blade determines the level of the quality produced. This is why there are some blades which are more resistant to rust and corrosion or hold a better edge than others. You should therefore do some research before getting yourself a fixed blade knife.

There is a fixed blade knife that has been designed with a blade of stainless steel and high chromium content. Chromium is a substance that enables the steel used in making the blade to be more resistant to rust. You should note that the blade made out of this combination is not rust proof. It is only more resistant to rusting than other metals and will therefore succumb to rust if you do not take care of it properly. This combination is not a very strong metal and therefore this kinds of knife blades tend to be relatively cheaper than the rest.

There are some blades that are composed of high carbon and low chromium stainless steel. This type of blade tends to be stronger than the prior but is less resistant to rust and corrosion. It is also possible to get a knife with a blade that has different amounts of vanadium, chromium, cobalt and molybdenum. This kind of blade is very popular among hunters as it consistently holds an edge and doesn’t become brittle even after being sharpened many times.

There are some fixed blades knives that are made of high carbon stainless steel blades. This type of steel is commonly known as Damascus steel and it was mostly used by Muslims during crusades. The exact ratio of the composition used in making this kind of steel has not been discovered but there are some manufactures that are experimenting on how to recreate it. The Damascus steel is a very durable metal and is therefore very expensive.

Six Benefits of Corporate Team Building

One of the ingredients to a successful corporation is team unity and camaraderie. Organization members should be able to work with one another, despite the differences. An organization is expected to be a one-working unit with its members collaborating harmoniously to reach success.

In any business dictionary, you will find the phrase team building. Every business and organization practice team building activities. It is a series of activities, mostly games wherein the trust of each member of the organization is tested. Aside from this, there are also other objectives and purpose to team building. Here is the range of benefit of team building activities.

Strengthen Bonds

In a huge corporation, employees are unable to interact with all of their co-workers on a daily basis. In fact, some employees are unable to recall the names of all their colleagues, other than remembering them with their faces. With the help of team building activities, employees from different departments can communicate and bond with each other. However, you can still make a difference, as a team leader, by planning games for corporate team building through distributing the participants into different groups. However, make sure that each team comprises of employees from other departments to achieve your goal.

Boosts Motivation

Working inside the four walls of an office can get boring and less inviting. By doing team building activities, you are giving your employees a breath of fresh air. Studies show that team building games increase motivation among employees. It inspires their creativity, confidence, and momentum. Also, these types of activities can help an individual feel good about themselves.

Enhance Productivity

A person’s productivity requires fuel to burning. The lack of inspiration and motivation can lead to poor performance. The goal of team building activities is to improve the productivity of the organization. The series of games can spark the skills of a person which will lead to better performances and efficiency.


Team building is also an effective way to exercise leadership. In these activities, you will see the future leaders of the corporation. Moreover, it provides a chance for individuals to showcase their ability to manage a team and lead it to success.

Builds Communication

An organization with poor communication between members has no clear path towards success. Communication is one of the keys to collaboration and unity. Team building games can help to break down the walls that block the employees to communicate with one another.

Promotes Confidence

If you notice, some employees are hesitant to show themselves in the spotlight. Though they perform an excellent job with their tasks and handles responsibilities well enough, however, they still hide from the background. One of the objectives of team building is to boost the confidence of every organization members. Participating in these activities eases the comfort of employees making themselves more open to their colleagues.

Corporate team buildings should be fun, exciting and engaging. If you are searching for ideas to use in your next team building activity, try challenging your team with a battle in the kitchen.

The Cooking Class Singapore offers team bonding cooking event wherein you can take your team building activities to the next level. Experience the challenge of the kitchen like never before.

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How to Tune a Recurve Bow

Hunting can be a very epic experience if you are armed with the right tools. The most common tool that people use when hunting is a recurve bow. The recurve bow has proven to be more effective for hunting than other types of bows. Just like any other tool, a recurve bow is subject to wear and tear. You might have noticed that your recurve bow now has a ‘’perfect spot’’ where you can shoot accurately, generate minimum recoil and produce the least amount of sound. Finding this spot is a very simple process for many people. You can tune your bow if you want to enjoy the use of your bow without necessarily going for the perfect spot. Here is a guide on how to tune your recurve bow.

First of all, you should look for a set of arrows that have the correct spine. The spine of the arrow will determine the amount of static deflection that is produced. It, therefore, affects the extent to which the shaft of an arrow bends when pressure is exerted. As a rule of thumb, an arrow shaft that has a large spine deflection bends more than the one that has a small spine deflection when the same amount of pressure is exerted. You should look for guidance in Southwest Archery’s recuve bow selection.

It is important to note that an arrow that does not have a spine that is sufficiently stiff can cause serious injury. The arrow starts to experience the pressure from the bowstring immediately after you release it from your fingers. Some of this pressure is also absorbed by the arrow shaft before it begins to move forward.  You can use the help of an arrow spine chart so as to know the most appropriate draw weight, draw length and the weight of the target point. Another good option is using an arrow spine test kit that is comprised of three arrows that have different spines.

Basically, tuning a bow involves two processes. The first one is setting the nock point of the bow to the correct height. You will need the help of a device known as a bow square so as to do this correctly. Just clip the device onto the bowstring and then slide it towards a rest point where an arrow’s shaft contacts the string.

The second step is adjusting the brace height of the bow. The brace height is the distance between the string and the deepest part of the bow’s grip. The most common way of adjusting the brace height is by removing the string and adjusting its length by twisting or untwisting it. You can then reattach the string back to the limb. You should try making a few shots so as to find out if the bow is now more accurate, smoother and quieter. Repeat the process until you notice that the performance of the bow has improved. It is important to note that all types of bows will require some tuning at a certain point in time. The best time to do this is when you realize that your bow does not perform as effectively as it used to.

Holiday Smoothies: Top Healthy Smoothie Recipes that are Perfect this Holiday Season

Who says that smoothies are only made for the summer season; your blending skills are not only for summertime, it is an all-year-round kitchen activity. So, when the urges strike, feel free to get some ice and your favorite smoothie recipe, and start blending.

Here are top healthy smoothie recipes that are perfect for this holiday season that will satisfy your holiday sweet tooth:

1. The Gingerbread Smoothie

Gingerbreads are traditionally baked on Christmas Eve or day; but did you know that gingerbreads can turn into smoothies? According to the culinary enthusiast, the gingerbread smoothies were born due to gingerbread protein ball failure; this smoothie will only take 5 minutes to make and can last inside your fridge up to 2 days. All you need are these following ingredients:

•    2 cups of vanilla almond milk
•    2 tbsp. of vanilla protein powder
•    2 tbsp. of almond butter
•    1 tbsp. of molasses
•    1 tbsp. of maple syrup
•    ¼ tsp. of powdered ginger
•    ¼ tsp. of nutmeg
•    1 tsp. of vanilla extract
•    ¼ tsp. of cinnamon

Then mix all ingredients together, but in an orderly manner – start it with liquid ingredients, followed by thicker liquids, soft ingredients, and lastly the hard ingredients, however, blend it slowly to ensure that the hard ingredients are well pulverized. If you’ll be using ice cubes instead of frozen fruits, you have to crush the ice first, and then you may now add the other ingredients.

2. The Christmas Morning Smoothie Recipe

Here’s another yummy Christmas Morning smoothie, made from healthy and yummy whole food. This recipe is also perfect for health-conscious individuals but wanted to experience the taste of Christmas. It is easy to prepare and blend; all you need are the following ingredients:

•    1 cup of fresh strawberries
•    ½ of a fresh banana
•    1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
•    1 tbsp. of avocado
•    1 tbsp. of raw pumpkin seeds
•    1 tbsp. of chia seeds
•    4-5 ice cubes – If you want to have a well-made smoothie out of ice, make sure that you know how to crush the ice in the blender the correct way; you can check it out here.

If you have all the ingredients prepared, then you may now pop all the ingredients into the blender, but make sure to do it in an organized manner.

3. The Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Christmas should also include chocolate-flavored smoothies; so, if you want to spend the Christmas day at home with a chocolate-flavored smoothie, here’s a recipe that you’ll definitely love.

•    4 to 5 ice cubes – Again, crush the ice first using the pulse button on your blender.
•    ½ cup of water
•    ½ cup of whole milk
•    ½ of a ripe banana
•    2 tbsp. of unsweetened cocoa
•    2 tbsp. of agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup

There are a lot of recipes that you can enjoy during the holiday season; in fact, there are a lot of smoothie recipes for all year-round. So, enjoy smoothie all you like.

Everything about Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Are you aware of the dangers associated with high humidity levels in your house? I think that I already know what your answer is. Unfortunately, numerous homeowners don’t know anything about the dangers associated with high humidity levels in the house or in the crawl space or in case they are aware of the fact that their house is dealing with such an issue, they choose to ignore it. We hope that you won’t be part of this group of homeowners anymore after reading the information below, so please continue reading this article.

You will find out that high humidity levels in your house can cause damage in numerous ways. The biggest problem is that humidity in the house will affect your overall health. The first signs that your overall health is affected by high humidity levels are skin rashes, eye irritations and problems breathing. Unfortunately, these will become more and more severe until you will deal with serious respiratory system problems and all sorts of other conditions and diseases. This is just one of the many ways in which high humidity levels will affect you. It is also because of them that mold will develop on the walls and the ceiling of the house, you’ll deal with bad odors, pest infestations and the entire structural integrity of the house will eventually be affected as well.

How can you find out whether or not you’re already dealing with a serious humidity problem in the house? Here are some of the most common signs:

  • Black spots on the walls and on the ceilings. These are actually mold spots.
  • Bad smells.
  • The rooms feel unpleasantly stuffy.
  • The windows are covered with condensation.
  • Excess moisture.

If you are seeing these around the house, then it is clear: you need help as fast as possible. This is why we recommend you to buy a whole house air dehumidifier, as well as an air dehumidifier for crawl spaces. You can learn more about them here. The experts at Air Professor know everything about all the types of air dehumidifiers now on the market and they are willing to help you make a wise choice. You’ll find detailed reviews for some of the best picks now on the market, together with pros and cons, so you’ll be able to make an informed choice. I know that the experts at Air Professor can help you, so please visit their official website. Besides the fact that they have a list of top picks, they can also guide you to buying the one that best fits your needs. You can be sure of the fact that all the products reviewed on their website have been tested prior to being put on their list of top picks, so one thing is sure: you will make a wise investment, regardless of what is. A lot of people have chosen to follow the guidance of the experts at Air Professor and they are now happy with the outcome; you should follow their example and do the same.

Foosball Etiquette

There are many ways of spending leisure time. You can take part in extreme physical activities such as running or jogging while that prefer to do simple sports such as swimming or playing foosball. Foosball game has turned out to be a very fun experience to many people these days.

It is now easy to find replacement parts and accessories of foosball sets online. There are those that play it as a professional competitive game and others play just as a leisure activity. Whichever reason you have for playing this game you should adhere to the rules that have been set out. These rules are commonly known as foosball etiquette and they should guide you on what to do and what to do when playing this game. Here are some of the basic rules that guide the foosball game.

  1. Accept the result after flipping the coin. The most common way of starting the foosball game is by a coin flip. Each of the players gets to predict the results of the coin flip and the one that is right gets the chance to start the game. There will be no disputes at the beginning of the game if you all accept the results of the coin flip.
  2. Stick to the side that you choose. This is the most basic rule of the foosball game. The players get to choose the side that they want to play on. Whether loosing or winning the game you should not try to change the side that you are playing on. You can play many sets of game with your partner in which you alternate the sides that you are playing on so that game becomes interesting.
  3. Don’t use cursing word. There are times when the game gets intense and very rough. You might get the feeling that your opponent has played unfairly. Just try to let your opponent know clearly without using foul words. This is more especially if you are playing the foosball game professionally.
  4. Don’t touch the foosball. You are allowed to touch the ball only when you are retrieving it from the goal. Make sure that you put it back to the middle of the foosball table so as to play again. The only contact that the ball should have when the game is in play is with the foosball men.
  5. Don’t serve the ball before your opponent is prepared. The most basic rule of foosball game is fairness. Make sure that you begin the game only after the whistle signal. If there is no person to blow the signal make sure that your opponent is attentive before you serve the ball.
  6. Restart the game if the ball falls out of the foosball table. The ball is considered to be out of bounds if it is no longer on top of the foosball table. Just get it back to the field and restart the game if this occurs. However, if the ball is still on the sides of the table of any place that can be considered as part of the table, the game should just go on as it is.

Types of Car Speakers

The key to a quality sound system not only lies in the stereo that rests on the dashboard but also on the speakers. The speakers can be fitted anywhere in the car; under the seats or even on the seats.

The Best 5.25 speakers in your ride should not be taken for granted if you wish to have a good time with it in your car. If you are not that savvy about speakers, you should learn the basics before getting one as you might settle for one that will cause you to regret purchasing it. Reviews on car speakers come in handy in this case.

When you decide to upgrade your car speakers, the whole affair can be quite tricky, especially if you do not know what your choices are. This article explains some basic types of car speakers that are at your disposal. They are the component speakers and the full range speakers.

You get the above-named types of speakers because of the nature of their drivers. The drivers include tweeters, mid-ranges, and woofers. These drivers handle the different frequency of sounds. The difference in the types of speakers is the arrangement of these particular drivers.

The first type is the component speakers which can be positioned almost anywhere in the car. This is because its drivers are separate from one another. So you can get them placed on the doors or even on the seats. Comparatively this type of speakers produces more quality sound. You should, therefore, expect it to be more expensive to buy. It is also quite difficult to set up in the car.

On the other hand, the drivers of the full range type of speakers are connected and you will notice this as the sound originates from one source in the car. They include a woofer which is below the tweeter. this type produces a sound of inferior quality than the component speakers but it is easy to install into your car. It also costs relatively less than the other one.

You should also know that for the case of the component speakers, you need to have a crossover. This is a device that is used to separate the different sound frequencies and pass them through to the appropriate driver.

The distinction of the car speakers above is on the way either utilizes the drivers to produce the audio that you listen to when the stereo is playing. The idea when you decide to get either is to get one that is of high quality whichever you choose. This is because a cheap component speaker is not that much worth in the audio it produces than an expensive full range speaker.

Bottom line

Wrapping up, so there you have it, a couple of car speakers that you can choose for your car. All that matters is if they can actually fit in your car and the quality they offer when the audio is playing. The size also matters a lot as you might not want to get one that will occupy too much space and therefore inconvenience those in it.

Safety Measures You Should Take When Using A Paddleboard On Water

Paddle boarding is quite an exciting and fun water activity. This summertime water activity is becoming quite popular because it is becoming more and more fun each and every day.

The sport is as exciting as ever as there are numerous activities you can enjoy when you are on your paddleboard. You can enjoy activities like racing, touring the waters or even enjoy a wonderful time fishing. However, like every other water sport you have to be extra careful as accidents might happen at any time.

A leash tied to the paddle board and the other end to your leg will help you be attached to your paddleboard at all times. This is useful in the event that you lose your balance and fall off your paddleboard. You might fall into the water but the paddleboard will be close enough to you. You can easily get back to enjoying a great time paddle boarding.

The second important gear is a floatation device or even a life vest. This is most important if you want to safeguard yourself when you are performing stand up paddle boarding. This is quite important for other sports such as kayaking, swimming, and even surfing. Moreover, it is coast guard rule as the paddle board is considered a vessel.

Safety measures also dictate that you should be observant of the weather before going for paddle boarding. You should first look out for the tide of the waters, this is because the tides can carry you far away from the beach in the least of seconds. You should also consider the strength of the wind or the swell.

The swell determines the strength of the waves you are going to paddle on. Harsh and extreme waves can be quite dangerous unless you are experienced. It may also not be fun as you may simply fall off the paddle board every now and then and it may not be fun at all.

You should also consider the terrains you are going to practice paddle boarding. Whether it is a river or even an ocean they can be quite different; so you should be prepared for what you are getting yourself into.

The above safety measures not only keep you safe but also help you more confident when paddle boarding. You will be able to try out tougher waves on your paddleboard. You will surely have a fun risk-free time when you adhere to this stand-up paddleboarding gear guide. You should also remember that having all your protective guide will be useful for keeping you out of harm’s way.

Paddle boarding is only fun when you are safe while on a paddleboard. You will not be putting yourself at risk of drowning or any other dangers that might arise if you had not observed safety measures. Other safety measures you should also take is going paddle boarding with a partner who will be on the lookout for you just in case things get out of hand. You should also avoid performing dangerous stunts or going to terrains that are too dangerous.

The Benefits of Camping

As much as camping is always known as a fun idea, it is more than fun. There is so much more benefit in aping than you could ever imagine. If you and your family spend time indoors on iPads, then you will want to read this post, because really, you are missing a lot.  Apart from being a fantastic idea, here are other benefits of camping:

1. Camping solves problems

When camping you can face a number of challenges that the very helpful Professor Google don’t have answers to. These challenges are unique to camping and you don’t face them in the day to day life. how you set up your tent, how you survive when you didn’t carry something that you need to use.

Additionally, camping experience introduces you to great new experiences. This new challenges and experiences make a healthier brain when you think on yourself and come up with working solutions.

2. it is a learning experience for kids

Spending the night under the stars has many benefits to children. This is more important in this era where children like experiencing life in iPad rather than the real world.

Camping introduces children to the real world that has different experiences, adventure and lessons. With such, they learn new things and new ways of tackling issues in life, a great learning experience.

3. Camping promotes a good sleep.

A 2013 research of University of Colorado Boulder found out that camping helps people who have trouble getting sleep to sleep well and those who find trouble waking up in the morning to wake up in time, happy and strong. This is due to the enough artificial lighting that comes with camping. It is easier to deal with family members who are happy and healthy rather than dealing with someone who is tired and grumpy, don’t you think?

4. Camping ensures enough vitamin D intake

During camping, you will spend quality time in the sun catching the golden rays that are a source of vitamin D which has many benefits to your health. Vitamin D is good for the bones and prevents diseases like rickets which cause bow legs.

Exposure to the sun also has mental benefits as it boosts your moods. The exposure to the sun should however be minimal and adequate protection from the sunrays should be ensured to minimize the risk to cancer.

  1. Camping is a way of exercise

If you spend your days in the office or staying at home with the kids then definitely your chances of getting adequate exercise are very minimal. To solve this is an enjoyable way you should consider camping. Wandering through the woods or in the national parks or climbing mountain is a great way to keep your muscles relaxed and your body fit. When you exercise, you keep a fit body and a healthy mental health and you stay away from body pains, aches, and a number of diseases. To be safe, simply dodge from the daily routine and go to the magical outdoors.