Many people love these two kitchen appliances and most of them have these at home. Why do you love these two kitchen appliances? Of course, if you want to go for healthy living, then these two kitchen appliances are highly recommended to you. But, what really is your best choice? Is it the blender or food processor? Are you also confused about which among the two kitchen appliances be perfect for your healthy lifestyle? Well, in this article, I will help you find the answers to your concerns.

First, let us discuss the Ninja Blender if this blender can be used as a food processor. You might be surprised on what you can do with it after reading this article and maybe this could be your perfect choice for your specific needs. It offers great features that are considered as one of the best blenders among others. It is already been tested by many users to find out if it could be used as a food processor but some of them are not satisfied with the results. That is because this Ninja blender is not a food processor. It can also perform some of the food processors applications but not 100 % guaranteed. This ninja blenders are mostly perfect for blending applications such as creating smoothies, purees, homemade soups, can chop small batches of fruits and veggies, but it cannot perform the mixing and kneading of dough just like the food processors do. Thus, if you are asking if this Ninja blender can handle some food processors job, the answer is not really, because there are some limitations and not all of the applications it can perform just like normal food processors performed. But, if you think this could be good for you, then why not choose this Ninja blender to add to your kitchen appliances at home.

Although blenders and food processors can perform the same task, just like chopping fruits and vegetables, creating purees and smoothies, still there are some specific functions that both of them cannot do. Blenders are designed to be added with more liquid while food processors only a small amount of liquid is needed. Blenders have jug-like container design while the food processors have a wide base bowl. Food processors have interchangeable blades and discs while the blenders have fixed blades attached on the bottom of the container. Depending also on the blades placement, discs, and other attachments, food processors can be used to grind fruit seeds, nuts, and even meats. Also, food processors are best in shredding veggies, grating cheese, chopping and cutting fruits, and even mixing and kneading the dough. Also, in a food processor, it has a feeder chute and pusher where you can safely add and push your ingredients down for processing.

Blenders have unsharpened blades that are being fixed in the container and have a powerful motor that can blend all kinds of ingredients.  Blender is also called as liquidizer because it requires more liquid to process the ingredients. There are also more advanced and digital features that blenders have nowadays. Also, in terms of cleaning, blenders have no crannies os mall corners that make the food remains to get stuck. This is also the reason why many users love to use blenders instead of food processors. Well, in many cases, still your specific needs are needed to be answered. For more tips and advice about blenders, visit

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