Hairs are the most important part of human body that shapes our personality. Whether rich or poor, young or old it does not matter from which age group you are hair loss will affect all. Hairs need proper care. Scalp needs to be moisturized completely to avoid hair loss. Hair loss comes with lot of patterns that effect many people. There are a lot of factors behind each unique pattern. One of the most common cause of hair loss is genital factor. If you carry this in your genes, it’s very difficult to manage such hair loss.

Hair Loss effects men and women alike and there is no age limitation too. It can start from earlier age or at later stage since there are a number of factors that can trigger the hair loss. Once started it is very difficult to manage. Some of main causes to hair loss are as follows:

1. Hair follicles clogged by Oil. This mainly happens in people with oily skin where skin pores are blocked by oil and follicles get damaged. Thus if you are oiling your hair, you need to wash it properly after few hours to help clean these scalp pores.

2. A lack of Moisture and Vitamins in the Scalp can also trigger hair loss since hair need proper vitamins to grow and be strong also moisturizing is necessary to get better results.

3. Alternate forms of testosterone that inhibit hair growth. You need to check your hormonal level if you are suffering for hair loss especially in younger age.

Thinning Hair Solutions:

There are a lots of products ranging from shampoos to oils and also different types of scalp lotions, topical solutions and oral medicines that people take in hope to save hair loss. Argan shampoo is often considered the best hair loss shampoo when it comes to hair fall solutions.

Following are the added solutions to protect your hairs and avoid hair loss especially in easily age:

  • Wash your hair properly with some good shampoo that does not contain sulphates and rinse properly after use.
  • If your skin is not much oily, use a proper oil such as argan oil that contains Biotin which is natural products that helps in preventing hair fall by strengthening hair follicles and nourishing hair roots.
  • Scalp lotion or serum must be applied at least twice a week to provide proper nutrients to hairs
  • Head massage also helps in hair protection since it provides increased blood flow to scalp and help in managing healthy scalp
  • If you are suffering from dandruff, you must use some dandruff protective solution such as ketoconazole to provide strength to hair and scalp and reduce any and dandruff
  • Sometimes hair loss is connected with high or low hormonal levels especially in mails. Hence proper checkup needs to be done to arrive at the root cause to save your hair from further damage. Hence there are a lots of things and care that is necessary if you want to protect yourself from hair loss.

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