The most popular sport in the world in terms of number of fans, soccer is a physical sport which is pretty much straightforward and easy to learn: just kick the ball into the goal. Formally known as association football, the sport’s biggest event is the FIFA World Cup, which draws in hundreds of millions of audiences from around the world.

If you want guides on what soccer merchandise you should pick up, and other tips like how to make the ball curve when you kick it and what strategies should you employ when you become a coach for some games, you should check out Soccer Lifestyle. Their website at hosts an enormous bunch of advices, recommendations, instructions, and equipment reviews that sum up everything you need to know about soccer.

Soccer Lifestyle website

Soccer Lifestyle runs a website that has pretty much all of its information placed under either of the five tabs conveniently found on the top of the screen: Balls, Cleats, Goals, Advice, and How To’s. The site has a simplified approach in its design, which makes their site very easy to read and go through.

Featured soccer gear and reviews

A good repository of information about soccer, Soccer Lifestyle also has a lot to say when it comes to the ball played in the game. Some of their notable articles include a review on the best training balls for beginners or young players and the best soccer balls of 2019.

Being a member of the Amazon Associates Program, many, if not all, of the products that Soccer Lifestyle features on their site are all available on Amazon. You can use this to your advantage because it means that the featured gear can be found in Amazon, an online store that can be accessed by a lot of people from pretty much everywhere in the world!

Likewise, Soccer Lifestyle’s featured cleats, or soccer shoes, and goals are all found in Amazon. For example, one of the featured brands of shoes is Vitike, which has Amazon as its official store. It may be a good idea to feature products that are coming from other stores as well in order to give a wider range of endorsed products.

Advices and guides about the game

You’re probably on Soccer Lifestyle’s site to check out the popular soccer gear you can grab from Amazon. You should also check out their selection of advices and how-to’s on soccer gameplay. The advices mostly focus on the frequently asked questions about soccer, such as knowing when to use the appropriate kind of shoes when playing the different variations of soccer, and the proper soccer ball sizes for different age groups of players.

The other great thing that one could get out of Soccer Lifestyle’s site is that you can register your email and your name in order to get their free Soccer Gear Guide. While it seems that there is neither a description nor a review on their own paper guide, it actually sounds redundant; it may turn out wrong, but it is expectable that the content of their gear guide would just be the exact set of articles found in their site.

While having a good stash of products that it recommends to soccer players and fans, Soccer Lifestyle’s site would be more complete if it contained news about soccer! But all in all, the site is a decent place to look for recommendations on what gear you should get. Drop by their site to get started!

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