Massage chairs are the best products for individuals who want to achieve stress and muscle pain relief but do not have time to head to the massage spa or clinic. They are specially designed recliner chairs that have electronic chips. They are either operated by a rechargeable battery or directly by an electrical power source. They also have special programs that can be set or have already been pre-set so that users can choose a massage technique that they prefer or need.


Unfortunately, most massage chairs are being sold at a price higher than a thousand dollars. Hence, many individuals have a hard time looking for one that can fit into their budget. What is worse is that affordable massage chairs often have little features and poor quality. With that in regard, this article will be looking into the best massage chairs for your money. The purpose of which is for you to be sure that you are buying a massage chair that can deliver the results needed without putting a hole in your pocket.


Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner with Stretched Foot Rest 06


This 55 x 42 x 35-inch and 300-pound massage chair comes with a 1-year limited warranty offer that has parts and labor. It comes in color black and is fully automated wherein users can raise and recline the backrest, as well as the leg or foot ottoman without hassles. In addition, the backrest has also been designed to match the shape and contour of the back of individuals who will be using it.

In order to give the user a good massage, the product has more than 30 airbags wherein 20 of which are located in the lower back area of the chair. Hence, even the legs, feet, and thighs can be massaged perfectly. For the upper body, massage can be provided from the user’s neck to the tailbone. What is better is that the product has a control panel that is intended to change the intensity level, from weak to strong, of the massage to be performed.


Since the buttocks and the thighs are the parts of the body that usually receive pressure, the manufacturer of this product made sure that special attention has been provided in designing such massage areas. Hence, the buttocks area has been equipped with a motor that has a highly powerful vibrating capability. Likewise, the thigh part has airbags that have double layers. Nevertheless, all the airbags incorporated in the chair are capable of rolling and moving up and down. Through such, the user will receive similar finger motions or pressures that are done on traditional Shiatsu massage.




The good thing about this product is that it has an ergonomic design. Hence, proper posture is still achieved while the user is being massaged. With a price that is lower than $1000, purchasers will be able to get a product that is loaded with different massage functionalities that are made possible by the presence of rollers and airbags that have been distributed strategically. Therefore; if people are on the lookout for a massage chair that can provide them with Shiatsu-like massages, then this product will be a good choice.

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