Features to Consider when Choosing a Dive Computer

Are you passionate about diving and recently moved to a place where you can easily practice it whenever you have time? Can you finally invest in diving equipment because it is going to be worth it, given the fact that you will be able to dive whenever you want? This is great and having your own equipment instead of renting it will help you save a lot of money. The problem is that diving is becoming more and more popular, so the offer available on the market is becoming more diverse. You might feel a bit confused and overwhelmed but we are happy to help you make the right choices. For example, if you need a dive computer, we think that it is important to have a closer look at certain features. Check out the list below in order to get a better understanding of the important features that need to be considered when shopping for a dive computer.

1. Display and Screen. The display is clearly important because it is with its help that you will access all the necessary information during the dive. Your safety depends on how easily and accurately you can read the display. Consider the size of lettering, the presence or absence of backlighting and the display’s type.

2. Memory. While most dive computers allow you to access the dive history, the amount of data logged depends on the model. The average dive computer is now capable of showing you the data related to the last 25 dives but there are a few expensive options which can show much more than just 25 dives. If you dive on a regular basis, then you should opt for a more expensive model.

3. Alarms. These are specifically important for beginners, as they will be informed whenever they approach certain dive limits. They can inform you in case you are ascending too fast or in case you are approaching the no decompression limit.

4. Compass and navigation. A compass is absolutely vital because you need to know both where you’re heading and how to get back to the boat. A dive computer which provides a digital compass will accurately display your position and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be completely level in order to work properly.

Now that you know more about the features above, you can have a closer look at certain models. The Cressi Leonardo dive computer, for example, has gained a lot of popularity lately. Read a quality dive computer review from Cressi Leonardo and find out for yourself why this model manages to attract so much attention. You will understand that this model is preferred by many thanks to the fact that it is user friendly, highly functional and available for an excellent price. This is a great purchase especially for first time buyers, beginners in the field who are just getting accustomed to the scuba diving world. If you decide to buy it we are sure that you are going to be happy with the investment.