2 Ways of Preventive Measure against Butt Chafing

Chafing maybe not a good topic but this should be brought up, especially if you like outdoor activities. Well, chafing is similar to a rash. It is a redness of the skin that forms due to the constant friction.

This happens that your butt cheeks got rashes – not all rashes are caused by friction some form without it.  There are times the fabric you wear and the way you wear them is the cause of it, especially if you love to exercise in outdoor such as backpacking and hiking.

So here, we provide you the tips so you can learn how to stop chafing between your buttocks.

#1: How to wear clothes in order to prevent butt chafing?

There is a way to prevent chafing particularly in long biking, hiking or running is tucking your shirt. Tucking your shirt is restricting air flow to your nether area. So just leave your shirt untucked and you get more airflow to help keep your body refresh.

Also, you have to consider the underwear you wear. The underwear fabric can make a difference between a comfortable hike and a miserable chafing.

Always look for clothes that made of synthetic materials not “cotton.”  This way it will help you keep away from moisture particular in your sensitive areas which make a bad case of butt chafe worse.

For example, a jockey makes both briefs and boxers out synthetic blends. This help wick moisture away. For ladies, the New Balance produces panties and thongs – with different fabric blends suitable for you.

A piece of synthetic fabric is easier to dry as well as may reduce the redness in the thighs. The size matter also, a pair of underwear which too small can cut off the blood circulation to the body part. While too large size can find you continuously pulling them up this can be just bad for several reasons. In addition, if want to ensure your underwear is comfortable and fit on that Goldilocks zone between tight and loose, make it right for you.

#2: Bring an Ointments or Treatments when you go

We recommend the anti-monkey but power is our solution for treating butt chafe. Despite the smiling image of red butted cartoon monkey on the bottle, the product is effective because it contains talc, calamine power, and fragrance to cure redness as well as skin irritation.

Also, there is another classic item is the Gold Bond Medicated Powder which comes in a spray. If you have allergens to chemically produced scents then you might want to try a more natural way to prevent butt chafing using the coconut oil. The coconut oil is good for the skin and great preventive measure for butt chafing.  If you want to use it, make sure you get the cold pressed extra virgin oil.

Another preventive measure is to wash or clean down there. It may be difficult while backpacking but you can bring some trail soap or wet wipes which easily to decompose.


They said knowledge is power and now you have all the information you needed. And knowing what exact tools you may bring to prevent butt chafe, you can go finally and enjoy your hiking with confidence.