Is a Subwoofer Important for Your Car Audio?

Are you familiar with the term subwoofer?

If you have a home entertainment system, you probably do. But for those who have no idea about this audio equipment, here is your chance to get to know about it.

Introducing Subwoofer

Though you are not familiar with this term, yet for sure, you experienced what a subwoofer can do. The heavy bass sound that suddenly comes off when a car alarms or the booming music that emanates from the speaker of a nearby car is a few examples of a subwoofer.

Aside from producing loud sounds, a subwoofer has an integral function in a car stereo system. This equipment is a special kind of speaker that is designed to produce low range frequencies. This feature allows an audio system to create cleaner and less distorted bass compared to a standard speaker.

Hence, the primary function of a subwoofer is to support the stereo system in achieving full range sound frequencies resulting in better music and fantastic sound quality.

How does it Work?

A subwoofer creates sounds similar to standard speakers. However, there is a difference between the engineering of a subwoofer and a regular speaker. A subwoofer can generate massive cone movement rather than a standard speaker system. This ability of a subwoofer is the reason why it can reproduce low bass frequencies.

Without a subwoofer, a standard stereo system will fail to reproduce full range frequencies. The power of bass sounds is too taxing for a standard speaker. It is why regular speakers has shorter lifespan. Furthermore, the sound emanating from a regular speaker system is distorted. Also, it creates a high noise level as it reaches the maximum volume.

If you want your car speaker system to last longer and create wonderful music every single time, then decide to get a subwoofer.

Is a Subwoofer Important?

Installing a subwoofer in your car stereo system offers a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the best advantages of adding a subwoofer.

  1. Clear, powerful bass sounds and can reach up to 20Hz
  2. Ability to produce loud music in maximum volume without distortion
  3. Controls speed and low end transients for fastest bass lines
  4. Supports speaker system longevity

Where to Find Subwoofers?

Honestly, there is a wide variety of subwoofers in the market. They differ in brand, style, durability, power rating and overall performance. Thus, if this is your first time searching for a subwoofer, make sure to consult reliable sources like the Sound Certified for some great budget subwoofer options for your car.

The Sound Certified a helpful and informative website that guides beginners and professionals in handpicking quality subwoofers, amplifiers, and other audio devices. Also, they provide product reviews to help buyers determine the best car audio equipment.

No doubt you are curious about the top subwoofer brands in the market today. Some of the best names in this industry are Planet Audio, Pioneer Champion, Rockford Fosgate, and Pyle. If you want to learn more about these brands, check them out through the Sound Certified.

Now that all is clear with subwoofers, the next step is yours.