Foosball Etiquette

There are many ways of spending leisure time. You can take part in extreme physical activities such as running or jogging while that prefer to do simple sports such as swimming or playing foosball. Foosball game has turned out to be a very fun experience to many people these days.

It is now easy to find replacement parts and accessories of foosball sets online. There are those that play it as a professional competitive game and others play just as a leisure activity. Whichever reason you have for playing this game you should adhere to the rules that have been set out. These rules are commonly known as foosball etiquette and they should guide you on what to do and what to do when playing this game. Here are some of the basic rules that guide the foosball game.

  1. Accept the result after flipping the coin. The most common way of starting the foosball game is by a coin flip. Each of the players gets to predict the results of the coin flip and the one that is right gets the chance to start the game. There will be no disputes at the beginning of the game if you all accept the results of the coin flip.
  2. Stick to the side that you choose. This is the most basic rule of the foosball game. The players get to choose the side that they want to play on. Whether loosing or winning the game you should not try to change the side that you are playing on. You can play many sets of game with your partner in which you alternate the sides that you are playing on so that game becomes interesting.
  3. Don’t use cursing word. There are times when the game gets intense and very rough. You might get the feeling that your opponent has played unfairly. Just try to let your opponent know clearly without using foul words. This is more especially if you are playing the foosball game professionally.
  4. Don’t touch the foosball. You are allowed to touch the ball only when you are retrieving it from the goal. Make sure that you put it back to the middle of the foosball table so as to play again. The only contact that the ball should have when the game is in play is with the foosball men.
  5. Don’t serve the ball before your opponent is prepared. The most basic rule of foosball game is fairness. Make sure that you begin the game only after the whistle signal. If there is no person to blow the signal make sure that your opponent is attentive before you serve the ball.
  6. Restart the game if the ball falls out of the foosball table. The ball is considered to be out of bounds if it is no longer on top of the foosball table. Just get it back to the field and restart the game if this occurs. However, if the ball is still on the sides of the table of any place that can be considered as part of the table, the game should just go on as it is.

How to Maintain Your Car Speakers

You might have just installed one of the Best 5.25 speakers in your car and are enjoying the quality of audio it is producing for all genres of music. This may not always the case if you ignore simple precautions that need to be observed for maintenance, some of them are illustrated below.

For starters, avoid overdriving the speakers. Too much distortion is a major enemy of a good set of speakers. So you should the power of the stereo to see that too many distortions are not produced which will rather damage your car speakers.

Ensure the powering is done well to avoid power surge interfering with the speaker. Sometimes too much power can destroy the speakers. Make sure that the cables of the speaker are wrapped neatly. If you are installing the speakers for the first time, don’t wrap them tightly. Cables are usually very fragile and will break if too much pressure is applied on them. You should regularly check the cables to see if they have begun to wear out. Replace them if necessary. Also, ensure that the wiring is fine all the time. As you already are aware, a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore it is better to give proper care to the wiring speaker before they cause damage to the speaker.

Protect your speakers by maybe creating a guard against stuff in your car from hitting them. Physical impact is among the major causes of damage on speakers. So you should get a metallic guard or something, or rather just keep your groceries and other items in the boot away from the speakers.

Keep all wet substances away from the speakers. Things like drinks and oil can easily spill out of their containers when driving and cause damage to the speaker. If it is a must for you to carry your drink close to your speaker just make sure that the bottle has been sealed with an airtight lid.

Make sure that your car has adequate ventilation. This will not only help in increasing the lifespan of the speaker but also improve the comfort of the people that are in the car. There are some components of the speaker that produce heat. It is therefore important to have a cooling system that will prevent them from burning up. The best way to provide cooling is by having sufficient ventilation.

Also, you should observe obvious maintenance practices such as regular cleaning to get rid of dust which interfere with the performance of the speakers. A disorganized car will not only damage the speaker but also other sensitive items like the stereo for instance. Also keep it a distance away from a magnet that may be in the car, this is because the inbuilt magnet of the speaker may be destroyed with that which is close.

A well cared for car speaker will always produce quality audio when you go out driving. So is the case for the Best 5.25 speakers; quality is guaranteed when they are in perfect condition.