Three Qualities of a 7.1 Home Theater to Check Out When Buying

Picking out home theater systems is tricky, especially for first-time buyers. You have to read numbers of guidelines first before choosing to buy one; if not, you might regret what you have purchased. Remember that the best home theater system is a whole package. Meaning, it must have an excellent audio and screen quality to get a wonderful experience. Therefore, when you buy a whole set of 7.1 home theater system make sure to invest in a product with impressive visuals with rich sounds.

Before going on home theater screens, start learning first the most important qualities of speaker surround systems. To help you out, use this guide in figuring out what to look for in a 7.1 home theater system. Thus, to begin with, here are the three qualities you need to check out when buying for a home theater.

Compatible with Various Formats

One aspect of a home theater surround speakers that you must identify is its compatibility with different audio formats such as Dolby, TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Not all home theater brands in the market are compatible with some audio formats. Therefore, you have to check out first what type of audio format you have before buying.

Speaker and Subwoofer Quality

When browsing for this home entertainment, do not settle on a theater surround system with less than five speakers. A 7.1 home theater consists of four surround speakers and a subwoofer. On the other hand, lower configurations like 5.1 have three front speakers; one on the left, center and right side of the television, and two surround speakers on the side. If you prefer watching a movie with deep sounds coming from all directions, use a 7.1.

A high-quality subwoofer creates rich deep bass sounds that are pleasing to the ears. When choosing a home theater, pick one with a subwoofer that is suitable for your room. Mind that the larger the driver of a subwoofer has the deeper bass it produces. For a large room, the ideal subwoofer size is around 12 inches. If your room has a small space, pick out a smaller subwoofer or a compact sub.


Not all home theater brands have available connections for all inputs. The good thing is, there are several home theaters with Bluetooth connection features. With this, you can watch the movie on your phone without trouble. Also, top seller brands like Nakamichi Shockwave Pro features HDMI and USB connections.

Another advanced feature of home theaters that you might want to consider is built in Chromecast system. This feature allows you to stream music and movies from your computer and smartphone.

Choosing a home theater system is challenging at first; But with the right guide, you can handpick the best home theater easily. Thus, before going to a store or buying from the online market, read first product reviews. With this, you will know what to expect from a particular home theater brand.

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