Preparing a Winter Survival Checklist

Winter brings with it cold weather intensified by chilly winds, snow, and below zero temperature. If you live in a place where snowfall becomes extreme, there’s a likelihood that you’d get snowed in and won’t be able to go to work, much less buy groceries. Hence, it’s important to prepare a winter survival checklist to ensure you have yourself and your family covered in case you all have to spend a few days cooped up inside your home during a severe snowstorm.


The most important item in your survival checklist for winter is potable water. Although drinking water is not a problem during winter, there is a big chance there won’t be sufficient potable water. So make sure you stock up on it. Always remember to conserve water and only use the stored bottled water when needed. When buying bottled water, make a headcount to include everyone in your household. The more household members you have, the more bottled water is required.

Back-up Power Supply

Severe snowstorms could damage power lines, thereby causing power outages. It’s important to have a backup power supply so you and your family wouldn’t have to live through the storm in darkness and no heating available. A portable generator that could power up your home for 12-20 hours (depending on usage, of course) would be enough. If you don’t have a generator, check out for the best generator you could purchase.

Enough Food

You never know how much snowfall you’ll experience during winter. As mentioned earlier, you could get snowed in, which is why you need to store enough food in the house. That way, even if you have a hard time getting out of the house, you and your family won’t starve. Buy food that doesn’t easily spoil or go to waste. You also need to check the expiration date, to ensure the food is still safe to eat. Consider buying food that is healthy and delicious such as lean meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Buy extra canned goods, too, especially the “no cook” variety.

Hot Water

The body needs to compensate from the cold that is brought by winter. Hence, make sure to install heating for your water system. If you already have one, check to see if it’s running fine or you need to call someone in to repair it.

Change of Wardrobe

It’s time to hide those skinny jeans, flip flops, plain tees, or your sexy skirts. Bring out your thick clothing like boots, socks, and other essentials that will keep you warm. If you have a limited budget, you do not have to buy new winter clothing, you old winter clothing would suffice.

Emergency Survival Kit

Winter survival kit must be prepared ahead of time and inside the survival kit, one must ensure the first aid kit, portable shovel, toiletries, flare, flashlight, extra batteries, cell phone, ropes, and other vital things needed are in it.

It doesn’t matter if the winter would be just like any other ordinary snowy day or if it will bring with it severe snowstorms. The key to surviving winter is to be prepared at all times and make sure that you will not miss anything by following the winter survival checklist.